The Amazing Race is a 20-year-old reality TV show that has captivated viewers for years. If you’re looking to take a break from betting on sports, you will be happy to know there are numerous sites accepting bets on The Amazing Race! There are plenty of twists and turns along each leg of the race that guarantee to keep your betting interesting!

The show is a staple in the world of reality television competitions. So, it should come as no surprise that there are many places to bet money on The Amazing Race. There are a ton of moving parts to the competition.

We will go over how the competition show plays out, share our favorite Amazing Race betting sites, and explain how to start betting on The Amazing Race online! With our guide, you can certainly add a little spice to your wagers.

Best Betting Sites with Odds on The Amazing Race

Far and away, these are our favorite online sportsbooks with The Amazing Race odds! Our team has vetted each site to ensure they are offering only the best in customer service, mobile compatibility, competitive odds, and banking options. You can trust that they’re of the highest quality. In a sea of hundreds of Amazing Race betting sites, these are the options that have made the cut.

What Is The Amazing Race?

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This adventure-based reality game show has been on the air since 2001 and has proven itself to have a large fan base year after year!

Teams of two are expected to race all over the globe against other teams. In each leg of the race, teams are expected to follow clues to help them navigate through certain locations and to partake in challenges along the way! The pairs are eliminated during certain race legs if they are the last to arrive at pre-determined checkpoints.

The winning duo is the team that solves the puzzles and overcomes the obstacles faster than all others. Whoever comes across the finish line first wins.

The Amazing Race Bet Types: There are traditionally two types of bets on The Amazing Race, winning team bets and prop bets.

Why Are These the Best Sites to Bet on The Amazing Race?

Our team has examined sportsbooks all over the web and has found these options to be the best for betting on The Amazing Race online! Each one has met certain criteria that our team holds up as the standard for a well-operated sportsbook.

Safe and Secure

Safety and security are key factors in the decision to commit to an online sportsbook. Our team has scouted the land and come back with an encouraging report for you! All Amazing Race betting sites we promote have passed with flying colors.

Each betting site we recommend is fully licensed in their jurisdictions and okay for use by US players. Software is employed by each site to protect player data. Players can rest easy knowing they don’t have to worry about their accounts being hacked or having their personal information sold to a third party.

Competitive Odds

In the world of online entertainment betting, players need to have the best odds available to maximize their winnings in the best way possible. When dealing with entertainment betting for a reality competition show, things can change on a dime.

It is imperative that online sportsbooks with The Amazing Race betting odds continue to update quickly with changes to allow players the chance to wager competitively. All of the Amazing Race betting sites recommended here offer competitive odds, but they can also differ between sites. This may help players to decide which casino sites are best for them!

Lucrative Bonuses

Betting on the Amazing Race online as a new customer carries its advantages. You will be treated to some welcome bonuses that start off your bankroll on a high note.

Online sportsbooks with The Amazing Race odds often give new customers a match bonus. For instance, they may offer newcomers a 100% match bonus on a deposit of $200. This means the player will receive $400 total when depositing an initial $200.

Bonuses available at The Amazing Race betting sites help to springboard you and your bankroll to bigger payouts!

Range of Banking Options

Our team found reliable gambling sites with a good assortment of banking options. Not only should you find online sportsbooks with Amazing Race odds, but you should also be looking for sites with multiple banking methods in case something happens with your first choice. With our list, customers can fund their accounts and withdraw using credit cards and cryptocurrencies. And there are numerous benefits to using crypto, including higher deposit and withdrawal ceilings!

Strong Customer Service

Customer service isn’t always the first thing players think of when considering the value and quality of an online sportsbook. However, when problems arise, the execution of good customer service is what keeps customers loyal to their sportsbook. Customers tend to stick with companies they trust and companies they know will take care of problems with professionalism.

Our top Amazing Race entertainment betting sites offer 24/7 service, including phone lines, email communications, and a live chat feature where customers can talk to a customer service representative. Our team has chosen only the most customer-oriented online sportsbooks.

Mobile Compatibility

All online sportsbooks that offer The Amazing Race betting are accessible via smartphones and other devices. These betting sites provide the ultimate user experience because of the convenience alone.

These sites either have a downloadable app or a mobile-friendly website that is sure to make things nice and easy. These highly accessible sportsbooks allow you to bet money on The Amazing Race from the palm of your hand!

When Can I Bet on The Amazing Race?

The Amazing Race concluded its 32nd season in December 2020 and has been renewed for a 33rd season, but filming has been temporarily halted. Currently, there is no news on when the newest season will be airing or where one might be able to view or stream the show.

Professional bettors swear by placing their bets as early as possible.

Sometimes, this means you should start betting before the first episode even airs. Others suggest placing bets after the first episode. That way, bettors can get a good initial sense of the contestants.

How to Bet on The Amazing Race Online

  1. Sign up at a Reputable Sportsbook
    Save yourself some time and check out our recommended Amazing Race betting sites to get started ASAP. But we totally understand if you choose to research other sportsbooks yourself.Once you visit the homepage, click on the “Sign Up” tab. Some online sportsbooks will have a tab saying “Join.” You will be asked to input some information like your name and an email address. You also have to create a password for your account.
  2. Fund Your Account and Take Advantage of Bonuses
    Once you have signed up, you must fund your account. Amazing Race betting sites offer customers the chance to deposit with credit cards or Bitcoin and other cryptos, but you will find that each sportsbook has different deposit minimums. Be sure to read all information carefully.
    Remember to claim as much free money as you can! Betting sites with odds on The Amazing Race offer new and existing customers plenty of bonuses.

    Match bonuses allow you to deposit up to a certain percentage, and the sportsbook matches that deposit as a bonus! That’s free money coming your way, and you can use it to place bets on The Amazing Race!

  3. Place Your Bets
    Search for The Amazing Race betting options in the sportsbook and see where you would like to place your cash. There are usually plenty of lines to choose from. Once you have placed your bet, confirm all the information on the bet slip and send it through! Easy enough!
  4. Get a Quick, Hefty Payout
    The last step is receiving your payout, which is a process that should never take very long! Players who use Bitcoin or other cryptos are more apt to receive a faster payout, so using that method could prove desirable if you are currently using credit cards or another method.This last step is what The Amazing Race entertainment betting is all about—getting paid!

Betting Strategies and Tips

We made a passing reference earlier in this post about bettors of yesteryear advising players to wait until they have seen the first episode before placing their bets. Obviously, there is something to be said for getting your bets in earlier rather than later, as well as trusting the odds that online sportsbooks have worked so hard to generate for the public.

The strategy that we recommend may sound crazy at first, but there appears to be some validity to our method. We have found this to be true not only for The Amazing Race, but also for shows like Survivor. We propose looking at all the winners from the past and study their appearance and age to to compare them with past winners.

The Amazing Race Participants

Sounds crazy, right? Maybe so, but this method has proven to work to great effect in determining winners. This could well be the difference between winning big and losing big if you know what to look for!

Season 32: Will Jardell & James Wallington

Pooling information from 32 seasons of The Amazing Race, which spans 20 years, we have found these trends or features to be generally present in the makeup of a winning team.

Male Winners

  • Average age of 34 years old
  • Caucasian with no facial hair
  • Brown eyes and hair

Female Winners

  • Average age of 28 years old
  • Caucasian with brown eyes
  • Dark hair

Statistics have shown that a team consisting of one man and one woman have won The Amazing Race 55% of the time, while a team of men won 27% and a team of women won 18%. Your best bet is to place your money on a team with a man and a woman, as they have won the lion’s share of seasons.

Research has also found that men completed each season by an average of 64% while women complete 62%—just about dead even. The sweet spot for average age was 25 to 35 years old at 77% compared to the low average of 45% for winners in their mid-50s.

In terms of ethnicity, the average percent of the season completed is as follows:

  • Other (Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, etc.): 92%
  • Caucasian: 66%
  • African American: 56%
  • Asian American: 52%
  • Hispanic: 21%

These statistics could be a huge aid in your Amazing Race betting decisions. They should help to give you just the edge you need!

The Amazing Race Cast Season 32

Above is the cast of the 32nd season of The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race FAQ

Of course, you can! All of The Amazing Race betting sites we promote are licensed and legal in their jurisdictions and available for US players. Players can enjoy betting money on The Amazing Race online with a clean conscience.

The show is somewhat limited because there is no audience participation. You can place bets on the winning team as well as some prop bets on finish positions for each team.

All Amazing Race betting sites we endorse are licensed and completely legitimate. They have been carefully vetted by our team, and there are no negative reports of sportsbooks selling customer information to third parties or fiddling around with payouts. All reviews indicate that these betting sites are some of the safest and most secure in the market.

Use attribute "a" for answer.

When betting on The Amazing Race, it may be to your benefit to watch the first episode to get a feel for the players. Look for red flags, like teams that have trouble with communication or players with tempers. Being mindful of these red flags will help weed out or eliminate certain competitors from consideration. Another good thing to do before placing a bet would be to check social media or online forums and get a sense of what the public feels toward each team. It may just be a good indicator of who to wager on!

Wrap Up

We hope this information proves useful as you use betting sites with odds on The Amazing Race. Getting started is easy and, if you know what trends and signals to look for along the way, the 33rd Amazing Race could prove to be a lucrative betting experience for you!

Take our advice! Join a good, reputable sportsbook and bet on The Amazing Race with real money!

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