How to Bet on Eurovision in 2022

The international song competition Eurovision is a long-enjoyed tradition in European culture. The 2021 season is scheduled to air on May 22nd from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

While this competition has been a staple for over 60 years on the European Broadcasting Union, many see it as an opportunity to make some extra cash!

That’s right. We’re talking about betting on Eurovision online! There are actually several sites accepting bets on Eurovision that we highly recommend.

Our team took some time to research which sportsbooks in the market were going to be the finest in terms of customer service as well as hefty bonuses and competitive odds.

Check out our top picks for Eurovision online sportsbooks below.

Best Eurovision Betting Sites

Betting Site
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Our team is confident that you will not find any Eurovision gambling sites better than the ones we have discovered. These sportsbooks offer their customers the best of everything from lucrative bonuses that bulk up the bankroll to savvy customer support and a multitude of methods for customers to fund their accounts!

The Story Behind Eurovision

Eurovision is an international singing competition in which representatives from each of the European countries perform one song before a panel of judges on a live broadcast. The winner is chosen by a combination of the judges’ feedback and fan voting. This show is best described as a cross between American Idol and the Olympics.

The contest first began in 1956 by the European Broadcasting Union. The intention behind starting this event was to help unite Europeans who were still healing after the devastation of World War II. That year only saw seven countries participate.

Please Note:
Many famous singers began their illustrious careers when they competed at Eurovision, including Celine Dion for Switzerland, Olivia Newton John for the United Kingdom, ABBA for Sweden, and Enya for Ireland!

Let’s fast forward to present day. Eurovision today sees the participation of more than 40 countries each year and has become more elaborate and political with the passing of time. The costumes and special effects can be stunning at times as well as ridiculous and gawdy.

Activism and songs with political messages have decorated the landscape of Eurovision for years now. Because many countries are vying for the grand prize, there is a strong sense of nationalism in many of the performances and the production. It is a truly one-of-a-kind event to behold!

Why These Are the Best Sites With Eurovision Odds

Hours of research by our team has produced one the most stimulating lists of Eurovision betting sites where you can win real money online! Each site has been thoroughly screened for quality in banking options and bonus opportunities as well as legality and security for all US players. Here is why these are the best places online to bet on Eurovision!

Fully Licensed and Legal for US Players

Eurovision US Supported Sites
Ideally, real money online gambling is an activity where the only threat to your hard-earned money is you. That sounds a bit odd, but that’s the mind set of most punters by and large. If you’re going to lose a bunch of money, gamblers will choose losing it by their own hands every time over a hacked account or a seedy casino that stiffs them on a payout.

Our favorite Eurovision betting sites are top-notch in terms of legitimacy, legality, and account security. You can take that to the bank!

While vetting Eurovision gambling sites, our team has unearthed some amazing truths about our preferred sportsbooks. Each one is fully licensed by a genuine gambling authority in a respectable jurisdiction. We also included sportsbooks that are available to US players. These platforms even utilize modern software to protect customers’ information.

Odds Updated Daily

Our favorite sportsbooks that offer Eurovision odds keep the betting lines current and are updated daily. Having accurate odds that keep up with current events allow players to optimize their wagers and enjoy maximized winnings and payouts!

Our team has selected some of the best Eurovision gambling sites in the market that deliver on this promise. Eurovision betting odds will differ from one sportsbook to another. A great strategy to optimize your wagers is joining more than one sportsbook at a time. It never hurts to dig deep in order to understand all angles of a situation to form a bigger picture.

Looking at different sets of odds posted at multiple Eurovision gambling sites can give players a detailed lay of the land. We are confident that you will not find a better set of odds than those offered at our preferred sportsbooks!

Lucrative Bonuses and Promotions

Avid punters are always on the lookout for bonuses that add a little extra punch and volume to their bankroll. They will be delighted to find generous bonus offers available at our favorite Eurovision betting sites! Our team worked hard to ensure each site has competitive bonuses that add a wealth of extra value to your bankroll.

One of the most common ways for Eurovision betting sites to help customers fund their accounts is through the match bonus. There is a bit of give and take in the process, but it has proven to be lucrative for many. A player must deposit a set amount of money into their account and will receive a percentage of that amount with a free cash match!

Customers could be offered a 50% match if they deposit $700, for instance. Let’s say the player wants to capitalize on this offer, so they deposit $700. The sportsbook will then give them a bonus of $350 in extra cash because they fulfilled the requirements! Now, that player will have $1,050 to bet on Eurovision online.

Medley of Banking Options

Although it tends to be a less-featured benefit of Eurovision betting sites, the methods you choose to bank could carry some surprising perks and incentives. The real money online sportsbooks we promote offer players an assortment of ways to fund their accounts. This includes the use of credit cards and the increasing popularity of cryptos like Bitcoin.

Players will find each deposit method may come with a separate set of minimum and maximum wagers. Carefully read all terms and conditions on the banking pages before choosing a method. Customers using crypto usually get their payouts sooner.

All customers have unique situations that allow them to prefer depositing or withdrawing money in their own personal manner. Our team recognized this and chose Eurovision gambling apps that appealed to the widest range of clientele possible!

Unparalleled Customer Support

A legitimate and fully-licensed sportsbook could be the single most important characteristic of a top-rated Eurovision betting site. Customers need to have confidence in the operation and enjoy their real money online gambling free from outside threats.

We would argue that the next chief benefit is excellent customer support that is easily accessible and effective. As a devoted gambler, you do not want to be dealing with problems any longer than is necessary. Helpful and efficient customer support can resolve issues within a manner of minutes!

All Eurovision betting sites we recommend have been vetted and are second to none in terms of customer support. Service centers can be reached by phone or email. Many sites now come equipped with a live chat function where customers can speak directly to a representative.

Bets You Can Place on Eurovision

Eurovision Song Contest Banner
You will never be in short supply of bet types when you are wagering on Eurovision online! You can find most of these bets listed at our recommended gambling sites. They may vary from one sportsbook to another, but these are the bet types that appear most frequently every year.

Eurovision Winner

Quite simply, these are bets placed on the overall winner of the competition. Betting lines and odds are available closer to the event. Bettors can place wagers at any point during the competition, but it is highly advised to wager right around premiere night when the odds and payout potential are at their best.

Top Finishers

The pressure to choose the outright winner of Eurovision does not exist when players place a top finishers bet. Players need only predict the range at which they feel a country will finish. This type of bet become varied and creative. Top five or top three finishes are par for the course any given year.

Eurovision Props

Proposition bets are based on circumstances or occurrences during the competition. These bets can focus on specific details or place emphasis on major occurrences or non-occurrences throughout the competition.

Eurovision Futures

This type of Eurovision wager is similar in principle to the outright winner bet. Futures deal with predicting the winner of Eurovision. But in this scenario, the bets are placed significantly further in advance. With outright winner bets, players typically place wagers either a few weeks out from Eurovision’s premier or during the competition. Futures can see bettors preparing their slips more than a year in advance!

Eurovision Betting Techniques

There are several ways to maximize your success when betting on Eurovision online! These techniques may give you an edge that you did not realize was possible.

Find the Best Odds

Don’t get so fixated putting money down on your favorite acts or favorite nation that you miss betting opportunities in other places. Make it a daily practice to examine all the odds available at the Eurovision betting lines. Place your wagers where you have the best possible edge because finding the best odds will ultimately lead to maximizing your winnings. You can take it another step further and join multiple sportsbooks to get a bigger picture of all the odds available!

Place Bets Early

This can be a tricky situation for many players. Early betting will generally bring you a larger payout because the odds are greater at the beginning of a competition. It’s harder to determine a winner because there are so many participants.

Please Note:
If you place your bets late into the competition, your odds are not as great. You will obviously be able to predict the winner with much more ease, but your payout will not be as lucrative as it was when the odds were higher.

Both methods carry their own downsides and risks, but professionals recommend the former. Find the best odds and this will lead you down the road to the maximum payout.

Read Public Opinions Online

Go to social media or read articles online that discuss the Eurovision singing competition. Keep in mind that the winner is partially determined by audience votes. There’s a wealth of information one can find online that may be an indicator of public opinion. Visit Eurovision social media pages or read articles put out by online sportsbooks that discuss prospects and fan favorites.

Look at Past Competition Trends

Looking at past Eurovision competitions could be a good indicator of the how to determine the winner this year! Study patterns from winners of prior years. There’s a great chance that the trend or pattern could manifest itself once again at Eurovision 2021.

Eurovision 2021: Who to Look for This Year

Eurovision 2021 Rotterdam Banner
Bookmarkers and fans alike are pointing to Lithuania and Iceland to the be favorites to win in 2021.

Iceland will be represented this year by a group called Daði & his group Gagnamagnið. They released a song last year called “Think About Things” that left a strong impression and became a viral hit. Fans are clamoring to hear the band’s Eurovision song which is due to drop this month.

Lithuania’s entry song for Eurovision is “Discoteque” by The Roop. There was a ton of talk around the group’s music video for this song which gained over three million views in only a couple of weeks! This viral video has given The Roop the momentum it needs to be a stronger contender to win this year.

Another great tip for those betting on this year’s competition is that songs sung in English have historically won the contest approximately half of the time! Ireland and the United Kingdom hold seven and five wins, respectively.

Wins Language Years
33 English 1967 1969 1970 1974-76 1980-81 1987 1992-94 1996-97 1999-2006 2008-16 2018-19
14 French 1956 1958 1960-62 1965 1969 1971-73 1977 1983 1986 1988
3 Dutch 1957 1959 1969
3 Hebrew 1978-79 1998
2 German 1966 1982
2 Norwegian 1985 1995
2 Swedish 1984 1991
2 Italian 1964 1990
2 Spanish 1968-69
1 Danish 1963
1 Serbo-Croatian 1989
1 Ukrainian 2004
1 Serbian 2007
1 Crimean Tatar 2016
1 Portuguese 2017

Something to keep in mind regarding the English domination of Eurovision is that the successes have been the status quo for roughly 30 years. You can count on one hand the number of losses to another language between 1992 until now. Place your bets on songs sung in English!

How Do I Bet on Eurovision?

Euro Vision How To Bet

A Trustworthy Sportsbook Is Key

We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing reputable, trustworthy Eurovision betting sites. Many do not think about safety and security until their personal information is stolen.

The great news is that our recommended online sportsbooks offering Eurovision odds employ safety and security protocols to protect their customers. Our team did their homework and found each gambling site to be fully licensed and available to US players. There are also other measures used by each site to safeguard players against online threats!

Are you ready to begin your Eurovision entertainment betting journey with a trusted, top-rated sportsbook? One of our recommended gambling apps is a fantastic place to start!  Hit the SIGN-UP or JOIN button to begin!

Fund Your Account With Some Cash

So, you chose a reputable sportsbook for betting on Eurovision. Check. What’s next? Well, you need to fund your account. And the Eurovision betting sites we promote offer clientele the option to deposit and withdraw using an array of credit cards or cryptocurrencies.

Check out Bitcoin or Ethereum if you haven’t already.
Depending on which Eurovision gambling app or site you use, there’s a strong possibility of higher depositing maximums, along with some other perks when using cryptos. Read through the banking page carefully for all terms and conditions.

Be on the lookout for newcomer and special bonuses. These bonuses are desirable for those looking to build their account up with additional funds! Many of these come in the form of free money through a match. Players need only deposit a certain amount and the bonus comes back to the player as a percentage of that match!

Check Out Betting Lines and Make a Slip

Now that your account is full, head over to the betting lines section of your Eurovision gambling app. There should be a complete rundown of all bet types. These will likely include bets for the future winner, the outright winner, top finishes, and a variety of prop bets.

Choose the betting lines that appeal most and begin adding them to your bet slip. Be sure you are aware of the terms and conditions as well as the odds. Once all information is correct and input, hit the “Submit” button to send your bet through! Easy!

Collect Your Money

This is the moment you have been waiting for! This is why betting on Eurovision online is appealing in the first place.

Please Note
Most Eurovision gambling sites drop payouts into your account within a few hours following the conclusion of the show. However, it’s important to remember that your withdrawal method can influence the speed of your payout. Familiarize yourself with the banking terms and conditions ahead of time to avoid uncertainty.

If there are any issues, customer service is available at any time to resolve potential problems.

Eurovision Entertainment Betting FAQ

By now you should have a pretty good idea of how and where to bet on Eurovision online, but we understand there may still be some unanswered questions. Here are a few we see a lot:

Yes. Our recommendations for Eurovision betting sites are top-notch in the realm of safety and security. Each gambling app and website takes proper measures to protect clientele information in case of online threats. But always be sure to adhere to safety protocols of your own by keeping your device’s software updated and your passwords changed frequently.

Absolutely! Believe it or not, we encourage you to join more than one Eurovision sportsbook. Each offers a different set of odds. This gives players a larger range of odds to examine. It will aid players in finding the best possible edge.

All Eurovision sportsbooks we promote are fully licensed and legal for use by US players!

This depends on the Eurovision betting sites you’re using as well as the banking method. Using cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum allow players to receiver their payouts quicker than credit cards. Most of the time, customers will receive their payouts within a few hours of the show ending.

There are several ways people can bet on Eurovision online. People usually like to bet on the outright winner, but you can also bet on the top finisher as well as various prop bets.

Ready to place some bets on Eurovision 2021? Check out one of our preferred sportsbooks to get started!