Real Money CSGO Betting Guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still going strong, even though it’s already eight years old. The game’s predecessors created lots of historical moments and paved the way for the success of CSGO and CSGO betting online. In fact, CSGO was destined to succeed ever since the first announcement! What wasn’t destined to succeed is the number of supporting niches that the game helped develop, in one way or another. Primarily, we’re referring to the rapid growth of the esports industry, which took the market by storm.

Needless to say, betting on CSGO for real money was a key factor for the growth of the esports industry, and is the focal point of this guide, just like the title suggests. Online CSGO betting is as popular as ever, steadily growing alongside the entire esports betting industry. In fact, betting on CSGO for money is becoming the most popular pastime for esports enthusiasts.

CSGO White Lettered Banner

Whether you know the ins and outs of the game, or you’re just interested in how your favorite esports team performs, the idea of winning some real money on the side by betting on CSGO seems like a no-brainer. However, it takes more than pure luck to win money betting on CSGO. You need a ton of knowledge about the whole esports scene, metagame, in-form teams/players, as well as the most recent results. It’s a form of art, I kid you not, but one that can yield to massive profits if taken with enough seriousness.

Top Real Money CSGO Betting Sites

CSGO is much more than just a game! The aforementioned esports scene is flourishing, paving the way for numerous supporting industries. real money CSGO betting has surfaced as the most prominent one, all thanks to exponential growth and increasing popularity all across the globe.

That said, if you’re looking for an entrance to the ever-expanding world of CSGO betting, the following online betting sites offer a superb experience:

Betting Site
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Of course, these aren’t the only great CSGO betting sites out there. However, we suggest you don’t stray too far off the above-featured list as your mileage may vary with other, less-reputable esports betting platforms. Stay on the safe side, and only go for the best ones!

What Is CSGO?

CSGO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a first-person shooter (FPS from now on) by Valve. It’s available on Steam, now completely free of charge. Yep, that’s right! There’s no paywall stopping you from trying out the most popular FPS game on the planet!

While that seems great, it brought forth a lot of controversy with people worried CSGO is headed in the wrong direction. Mainly because of the free 2 play switch (F2P), but also because of Danger Zone, CSGO’s very own battle royale game mode.

Back to the topic, CSGO is an FPS that features two teams (five players in each), terrorists and counter-terrorists. In CSGO esports, the only map mode is defusal, which requires terrorists to plant the bomb on one of two available sites. Counter-terrorists either prevent the plant or defuse the bomb after dealing with the enemies.

Some of the most popular competitive maps throughout the years are as follows:

Dust II

CSGO Dust 2 Logo


Mirage CSGO


Train CSGO




Inferno CSGO


Overpass CSGO


Cache CSGO


Cobblestone CSGO

Additional Information

A single CSGO map can take up to 90 minutes, so consider that before placing CSGO bets for real money. Depending on the type of matchup (best of one, three, or five), a single CSGO esports match can last anywhere from half an hour to over five hours. The latter is an extreme Bo5 case with multiple overtimes and breaks.

Even though CSGO is not as tactically-minded as, e.g. Rainbow Six Siege, the game still requires a fair bit of strategizing in order to overcome the toughest teams. There are multiple roles, ranging from conventional riflers, support players, AWPers (snipers), and in-game-leaders (sort of like captains in regular sports). On top of that, CSGO teams have coaches, too. They can call for timeouts and organize round-per-round game plans to combat the oppositions’ movement and strats. These are all important factors to consider when betting on CSGO online.

The economy plays a key role in CSGO and we’re not just talking about your esports betting bankroll! Players earn money by killing other players, planting bombs, defusing bombs, and winning rounds. The amount of money depends on several factors, including weapon types and the number of consecutively lost rounds. CSGO economy is a complex matter, one that you’ll have to explore if you want to improve your chances of winning CSGO wagers!

CSGO Betting History

While we can’t pinpoint the exact time when betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive started, we can say it didn’t take too long after the game’s initial top-tier events. Late 2013 and early 2014 is when betting on CSGO started flourishing. People were amazed by the thrilling esports contests and first businesses facilitating bets on CSGO matches started popping up at every corner of the worldwide web.

The Importance of CSGO Skin Betting

At first, the big names in the online sports betting industry didn’t think much about the CSGO betting craze. Instead, a whole new market appeared, exploiting Steam API to facilitate betting on CSGO matches with in-game skins. CSGO Skin betting sites became an instant hit with millions of bets being placed by bettors from all around the world.

CSGO Gun Skins

With little to no regulation at the time, CSGO skin betting sites flourished and were heavily marketed by all sorts of platforms involved in the all-new esports (and esports betting) industry.

When well-established real money sports betting sites took notice of the surging demand for CSGO betting, they went out of their way to set up a proper esports betting category. At the time, the only real esports titles that people were betting on were Valve’s Dota 2 and CSGO, alongside Riot Games’ League of Legends and Blizzard’s Starcraft.

In retrospect, it’s pretty obvious the first skin betting sites paved the way for the real money CSGO betting we all know and love. However, these skin betting platforms were (and some still are) very shady businesses. They followed no online gambling regulations, exploited Steam’s API, facilitated online gambling to minors, and even went as far as not paying out big wins.

Some skin betting sites still remain, but they are nowhere near as popular as they were back in, let’s say, 2015. That’s partially because Valve fought (and won) a legal war with such sites, and partially because legit real money CSGO betting sites are virtually everywhere these days.

CSGO Esports Calendar – When to Bet on CSGO

CSGO’s esports betting calendar is as complicated as they come. Perhaps “complicated” isn’t the right word for it. Complex seems more like it, with a chaotic event schedule and multiple third-party organizers holding the game’s entire competitive ecosystem.

CSGO’s esports system is unlike anything else we’ve seen in the esports betting industry thus far. All other esports titles have precisely organized regional leagues with a few international events here and there, and a massive event as the pinnacle of each competitive season.

In recent times, there’s a lot of discussions surrounding franchised leagues. As some of you may already know, the biggest esports titles out there (such as Overwatch and LoL) have franchised leagues that grant more sponsorships revenue and brands’ involvement due to an extra layer of long-term stability. Even though everyone seems to be against franchising in CSGO, we may be seeing the first truly franchised league come into play soon.

Most Popular CSGO Events to Bet on

As far as the most popular CSGO events (betting-wise) go, there’s a whole bunch of them to talk about here:

CSGO Major Championships

CSGO Major FaceitCSGO Major Championships are the biggest events in CSGO’s competitive calendar and the biggest event of the year for real money CSGO betting. We’re talking about massive, biannual events featuring a whole bunch of online regional qualifiers, offline qualifiers, and the main event that’s typically divided into three stages.

CSGO Major Championships, more commonly known as Majors, deliver thrilling contests from start to finish and are watched by more than a million hardcore CSGO esports fans. Needless to say, if you’re interested in real money betting on CSGO, betting during the Major is the obvious way to go. Not only will you be betting on the largest CSGO events, but you’ll also have the widest array of special CSGO bets at your disposal.

BLAST Premier

Blast PremierBLAST Premier is an all-new tournament series to bet on by RFRSH Entertainment. It’s basically a follow-up on the good old BLAST Pro Series events, but with a different twist to the competition system and match scheduling.

The teams compete against each other in group play and get seeded into a double-elimination bracket where they fight for their share of $750,000. It packs quite the punch in terms of teams, bringing forth the crème de la crème, something which Flashpoint (another professional CSGO league) failed to do.

ESL Pro League

ESL Pro League CSGOESL Pro League is the biggest league-like professional competition in CSGO. There have been several improvements, one of which is a switch to 24 exclusive spots for 24 of the top teams in CSGO. Remember the franchising part we talked about earlier? Well, the newest ESL Pro League season reminds us of a semi-franchised system similar to other games like Overwatch and Call of Duty.

All in all, we’re talking about massive, highly lucrative events with AAA production. They’re right up there with the Majors in terms of importance and prize pool, that’s for sure!

Betting on CSGO for Real Money – Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re interested in betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but you have no idea where to start, perhaps this short step-by-step guide will do you a world of good:

  1. Pick one of the best CSGO betting sites and click on that shiny “Register” or “Join” button. It’s usually located on top of the home page.
  2. Fill out your personal information and make sure you use your real email because you’ll have to confirm it later on to activate your real money online betting account.
  3. Examine the available esports betting bonuses and make your first deposit. Make sure you check out if there are any codes for extra welcome bonuses based on the first deposit.
  4. Next up, you have to find CSGO matches to bet on. Usually, bookies have dedicated esports categories or even hubs (Betway). Once you find the esports category, finding CSGO matches shouldn’t be a problem.
  5. Explore your options and don’t settle for the first bet you see. Do some stats-crawling, investigate recent matches, and come to fact-driven conclusions instead of relying on luck and randomness.
  6. Profit from your CSGO bets!

Most Entertaining CSGO Bets

Obviously, the most common type of CSGO bets are match-winners, bets in which you have to guess which of the two teams will win the given match. However, as the CSGO betting sphere keeps growing, so is the quantity of available CSGO specials. People are getting sick and tired of the good old match-winner bets and want more choice.

Luckily, the biggest real money CSGO betting sites went out of their way to provide their users with exactly that! Nowadays, we see plenty of CSGO specials flooding the market, especially during the biggest events such as the Majors, IEMs, ESL Pro Leagues, and similar.

These include various totals, such as maps and rounds. Additionally, plenty of new player vs. player bets started appearing, too. Bets like player vs. player in terms of kills, assists, deaths, and even ratings seem to be all the craze these days. On top of that, you can bet on individual player stats, long-terms (outrights), and even pistol round bets, which tend to be the most thrilling ones out of the whole bunch.

Best CSGO Teams to Bet Money On

You’d like to bet on CSGO because you’re in love with the game, but you don’t know much about its esports scene. No worries, we got you covered! This section of our CSGO betting guide assesses the four teams to bet on in 2021!

Of course, this bit of info could become outdated pretty quickly as both meta changes and roster alterations are relatively frequent in the chaotic world of CSGO, so take it with a grain of salt and always double-check everything before placing your wagers!


Astralis Logo

At time of writing this, Astralis is the number one CSGO team in the world according to, and they’ve been at the top for quite some time already. Yes, there were a few upsets here and there, mainly the two potent NA sides Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses (ex NRG), but it’s been nothing but Astralis for the most part.

Gameplay-wise, they are by far the most complete team out there. Their mechanical game is on point, their aim is superb, their utility damage is extravagant, and their ability to play against each other is just outright ridiculous. (Keep an eye out for Astralis CSGO Odds)

Team Liquid

Team Liquid Logo
Team Liquid had a fantastic run of form in the summer of 2019. For a brief period of time, they were ranked as the best CSGO team in the world after winning seven notable trophies in as little as three months. Then came the StarLadder Major, and everyone expected Team Liquid to put an end to Astralis’ domination. We got the match we craved for, but perhaps a bit too early. Quarterfinals were set up perfectly, but Team Liquid failed to set their pace. As most of you already know, Astralis went on to win the event.

Since then, Team Liquid never managed to get back on top. They had several clashes against Astralis since then, all of which resulted in failure. They’re still a good team, boys in blue, they just lack that final spark needed to clinch tightly-contested matchups.

FaZe Clan

Faze Clan Logo
FaZe Clan features a superstar roster once again. NiKo, Olofmeister, rain, coldzera, and youngster broky as an up-and-coming prospect. On paper and individually, this is one of the best teams in the world. Top three material for sure! However, they became known for choking in crucial situations, failing to win easy rounds and dropping numerous important matches after securing dashing halftime leads.

FaZe Clan still wins a few events each season, but considering the quality of their roster, it’s not enough. The fans, the board, heck, the players themselves, all expect a lot more… And who knows, maybe 2021 will be the year for FaZe Clan.

Best CSGO Players to Bet On

Moving on, let’s focus on the best individuals that are still wreaking havoc out there! We’ve already mentioned some of them above, but that won’t stop us from going into more details down below. If these players are in the server you should consider placing a CSGO bet on them.


S1mple had been the best player in the world for quite some time before ZywOo took that flattering title away with his amazing performances in 2019. However, the differences between these two highly-talented CSGO superstars are more than subtle. They do exist, but we’re talking about mere nuances here. In our opinion, the reason why ZywOo was pinned down as the world’s best player in 2019 is that he played a bigger role in Vitality’s titles than s1mple did for his NaVi. If it was the other way around, we’re sure the Ukrainian CSGO God would go down in history books once again.oHowevads d


When talking about rising superstars, we just have to mention ZywOo. Even though Vitality didn’t win a ton of events in 2019, ZywOo was still labeled as the best player in the world. And rightly so, the 19-year-old French prodigy averaged impressive numbers throughout the year, singlehandedly leading his team to StarLadder Major playoffs and winning matches all on his own on numerous occasions. ZywOo is probably the most mechanically-gifted player at the moment and considering his age, we’ll be seeing him do what he does best for many years.


Astralis just wouldn’t be the same without dev1ce. While I do believe Astralis’ roster doesn’t have a clear-cut superstar, dev1ce is the closest player to reach that flattering title. He’s superb, whether we’re talking about purely mechanical standpoint, clutch situations, or the ability to read the game and play off his teammates. They just don’t come any better than device!


When talking about the best CSGO players, NiKo is always somewhere in the discussion. The man is a true legend of the game and has been among the selected few ever since his glory days in Mousesports. The switch to FaZe Clan promised wonders, with a brand-new superstar roster being formed around him. However, FaZe Clan has become the epitome of underperforming with NiKo struggling at times. Still, his talent is undeniable, just like the passion he shows during gameplay. If NiKo is on the server, you can rest assured there will be some wicked one taps, most likely coming from his trusty Deagle!

FAQ For Betting on CSGO

Let’s get the most frequently asked questions out of our way first. Yes, betting on CSGO is as safe as all other types of online betting, assuming you use well-established sports betting sites with CSGO odds, such as the ones featured above.

It’s the thrill of the game! As mentioned above, CSGO is a round-based game that splits up the action into numerous (16 min., 30 max) short intervals. These intervals, or rounds, are tightly packed with action, which leaves viewers at the edge of their seats. Some esports titles do things in a similar fashion (Overwatch and R6S), but CSGO action is on a whole different level entertainment-wise. It’s just a thrill to both watch and bet on, but we’re sure most of you are well aware of that by now!

Well, we can’t really compare apples and oranges now, can we? Betting on CSGO requires vast knowledge about the game’s mechanics, gameplay, META, and its competitive scene. Betting on Rainbow Six Siege, on the other hand, requires the same things but for that specific game. Don’t think you can switch between the two with ease, because betting real money on CSGO is a tricky subject and you’ll end up losing a ton of money by relying on other people’s opinions and pure stats. That won’t get you far, no doubt about it!

Cryptocurrencies are an awesome new form of online payment. They are already being dubbed as the next generation of online payment methods, with experts claiming they’re set to conquer the online betting sphere. And it’s only logical. Cryptocurrencies allow for fast, cheap, safe, and completely anonymous online transactions, unlike anything else currently available. So, yeah, if you have the know-how, using cryptocurrencies for betting on CSGO is a great idea!

All of the above-featured esports bookies are as safe as they come. They use the latest and greatest in online security protocols, including SSL encryption that ensures your personal and bank information won’t fall into the wrong hands. For this reason, the best betting sites offering CSGO odds will always keep their users safe.

If, however, you venture into the wrong neighborhood (read unlicensed, shady betting platforms), you’ll either get scammed or your personal information will be sold to shady individuals. Slightly higher bonuses and other incentivizing extras are just not worth it. Stay on the safe side and opt for one of the above-featured esports betting sites!

As mentioned above, 2016 was a terrible year for CSGO skin betting. Some of the biggest players on the market were forced to shut down their skin betting operations. If you ask us, we’re happy it went down like this, because there were lots of shady things surrounding the whole skin betting sphere.

Unfortunately, you can still find several CSGO skin betting sites that kept true to their shady beginnings. While international gambling regulators are doing their best to enforce the laws and prevent illegal online gambling platforms, these businesses always manage to find loopholes.

Needless to say, we don’t recommend you betting on CSGO or shady skin betting sites. If you’re that keen on betting on CSGO, the only good way to approach it is to use 100% legit real money CSGO betting sites with a good reputation and rich history. That’s the only way you can rest assured you’re getting the CSGO betting experience you deserve!

Last but not least, if you’re looking for the best platforms that facilitate betting on CSGO online, you should definitely check out our comprehensive CSGO betting sites guide. It’s a complex piece meant for both beginners and experienced esports bettors, featuring a number of well-established online sports betting sites that’ll provide you with the optimal CSGO betting experience.

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