NFL Betting Odds

If you are looking for NFL betting odds you have come to the right spot. Below we have listed a popular betting site that has live NFL betting odds for up coming games. These include odds for NFL spread betting, money line betting and over under betting. If you are unfamiliar with any of the types of betting you can read our NFL Betting Guide. We used to have a live NFL odds feed, but due to some technical issues it is no longer working.


The NFL betting odds are most commonly displayed in “American Style” odds, which are the most popular for North American sportsbooks. If you are new to betting, or don’t know how to read the American style odds you can check out our Sports Betting Odds Guide which has a full explanation on how they work.  Below I’ve posted a video that I made explaining NFL betting odds for beginners…

 Click Here to watch the NFL Betting Odds Explained Video on YouTube

BetUS is the Best Online NFL Betting Site!

Did you know you can bet on NFL football online? Just like you would in a Vegas sportsbook, you can bet on the NFL games online at one of the online sportsbooks. These sportsbooks allow you to bet on individual NFL games, and you will also find odds for special bets such as prop bets and future Super Bowl champs.

During the NFL season the most popular section of our site is the Sports Picks Blog, where you will find write ups on each NFL game. These blog posts will include individual game write ups listing a preview of the game, betting odds, and the writers personal betting picks for the game. Check out NFL picks in our football section of the blog!