UFC Betting

UFC is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and the fan base for the UFC is also growing at a crazy rate – well who wouldn’t want to watch two men battle it out in a cage? With the increasingly popularity of the UFC comes more and more interested in UFC betting on the events. If you are looking to bet on the UFC fights you have found the right spot. Below we will teach beginners the different ways you can bet on the UFC, have a live UFC betting odds feed, give UFC betting strategies, and will list the best online betting sites where you can bet on UFC events online at.

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How To Bet on UFC

There are two main types of UFC bets – Money Line betting and UFC prop bets. Money line betting simply involves picking which UFC fighter you think will win the fight. Prop bets include any type of bet that doesn’t have to do with the final outcome of a fight, and can include a wide variety of things. Below we will explain the two different UFC betting.

Money Line UFC Betting

When betting on the money line in UFC you will just be picking which fighter wins the fight. It doesn’t matter how or what round they win the fight in, the fighter you choose will just need to be declared the winner and you will your bet. Of course when betting on the money line the odds will vary for each fighter, with the favorite paying out less money than the amount you are betting, and the underdog paying out more money than the amount you wager.

UFC Betting
UFC betting for moneyline

In the example above you can see we have Nick Diaz and GSP fighting in Montreal for UFC 158.  The money line odds are listed in the middle, with Diaz at +400 and George St-Pierre at -500.  The +400 listed beside Diaz means that for every $100 bet on him you would win $400 (plus the original $100 back).  So a $100 on Diaz would pay $500 total.

The -500 beside GSP shows you how much money you will have to risk to win $100.  So in this case you would have to risk $500 to win $100 when betting on GSP to win the fight.  Obviously GSP is a huge favorite in this fight and doesn’t pay out much, but on the other hand Diaz is a big underdog and would be a nice cash if you bet on him.

Prop Betting in the UFC

There are an endless number of prop bets you can make in the UFC. UFC prop bets are mostly given on only the main card fights, and are most popular with the main event. Prop bets in the UFC include how many rounds will the fight last, how the fight will end (submission, decision, TKO, etc), and if the fight will go the distance or not. UFC prop betting can be fun and definitely add excitement to the already very exciting UFC fights.

ufc prop betting

In the above screenshot you will see just a small number of the prop bets offered for UFC 158’s main event.  You can see your choices on picking exactly how the fight ends.  If you choose Diaz wins by TKO or KO you will win $700 for every $100 bet.  Choosing that St-Pierre wins by a submission will payout $1,058 for every $100 bet.  There are many more props to choose from as well.

Best UFC Betting Sites

UFC betting can be done at any of the recommended betting sites we have listed on our site. I recommend that you chose one of the online sportsbooks we have listed as they are the most reputable and reliable around.

My two favorite UFC betting sites are no doubt www.Bovada.lv and 5Dimes.eu.

When you sign up for a new account to bet on the UFC fights at either site you will receive a special free money bonus on your first deposit. Bovada offers a $250 free bet, while 5Dimes offers a $520 sign up bonus (5Dimes has better odds on UFC fights though).  You can also take a look at our more in-depth UFC betting site guide to make your choice on where you will bet the fights.