Best Sports For Live Betting: Top Targets For In-Play Gambling

Best Sports For Live Betting: Top Targets For In-Play Gambling

The best sports for live betting offer excellent opportunities that are not available if you only gamble before the start of the match. In-game wagering is simply a different experience, especially if you join the best live betting sites.

Many casual bettors place emotional in-game wagers without a strategy, opening the door for savvy gamblers to exploit weak lines. However, it’s important to pick the right sports for live betting.

You should consider your personal experience, but there are also sports that are objective better for in-play wagers. Let’s take a look at them.

Football – Excellent Variety and High Odds

NFL football is the most popular sport to wager on in the United States. It’s one of the first sports that became available for live betting back in the day.

The in-play gambling platforms for NFL and college football have improved exponentially over the last two decades.

Many online sportsbooks allow bettors to wager on almost every aspect of a game — from the outcome of plays and drives, player prop betting, point spread, moneyline, quarter wagering, and much more.

The almost unlimited live markets and the high odds for NFL games make football a fantastic choice. On top of that, with so many markets to maintain, the bookies are bound to make a mistake here and there.

Therefore, many excellent opportunities across several different bet types are available. Additionally, football is the most popular sport, thus live betting attracts more casual and “square” gamblers than other sports.

They impact the lines significantly, which allows smart bettors with live betting strategies to prosper.

Top Site For Football Live Bets

BetUS football live bets

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5.0/5 stars.

If that sounds appealing, I recommend BetUS for football. The bookmaker provides an exceptional live betting experience for NFL and NCAAF games.

Not only does BetUS have live odds for the marquee primetime matchups, but also less desirable games. Regardless of the matchup, there is an in-game bet for everyone at BetUS.

For a limited time, take advantage of a 100% match bonus of up to $2,500 on your first three deposits. Conversely, cryptocurrency deposits are eligible for a 150% match bonus of up to $3,750 and 30 risk-free bets!

Basketball – Constant Twists, Countless Markets

Basketball games witness wild swings over the course of a matchup. Momentum and teams going on crazy runs are all part of what makes NBA betting exciting.

It’s improbable that teams completely dominate from the opening tip-off to the final whistle. Of course, it happens, but often they can’t sustain double-digit point streaks without allowing their opponent to have a say.

Wild point spread and odds swings coincide with these runs. The hot team from the floor sees the majority of the money, pushing the line up or down. From my experience, online bookies will favor the team on a run by two or three points too much!

They can set the line at whatever they like and know that emotional bettors will back the hot team regardless of the odds. I routinely spot value on the opposite side. There are other instances where betting live on basketball is lucrative, too.

For example, the same can be applied to the over/under lines when the pace is sluggish, or teams can’t miss. The public reacts too harshly to a small two or three-minute window.

Lastly, gamblers often overreact to what happens in the first two minutes of a basketball game. If there was a side you liked gets off to a slow start, you can find a more favorable price on them in this situation.

Quickest Basketball Live Odds

BetOnline NBA banner

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4.5/5 stars.

Basketball is a fast-paced game with action up and down the floor. With this in mind, it’s important to bet at an online sportsbook with modern live betting technology to provide the most up-to-the-second odds!

BetOnline is on top of the industry with lightning-quick in-game odds adjustments. You can try it out for yourself with a 50% match bonus of up to $1,000! Double your bonus by making your first deposit with cryptocurrency.

Tennis – Constant Odds Changes, Huge Opportunities

Tennis ranks as one of the best sports for live betting because it combines two of the best aspects of in-game wagering found in football and basketball.

Take the deep menu of live betting options with football, and the fast-paced action of basketball. This recipe leads to the perfect storm of live gambling opportunities!

Some online sportsbooks offer live betting odds on nearly everything you can find in the pre-game markets. Bet on points, sets, the spread, total, moneyline, and unique live tennis prop bets.

So, not only are there a plethora of odds, but tennis matches move quickly. Two points can be scored within 20 seconds, with oddsmakers forced to alter their prices in real-time!

Most betting sites find it difficult to consistently provide accurate odds for a fast-paced sport like tennis. If you have your finger on the pulse and watchmatches closely, keep your eye on the in-game markets to see if the odds aren’t keeping up with what’s happening on the court.

Widest Selection Of Live Tennis Odds

Bovada welcome bonus offer.

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4.9/5 stars.

Finding the right tennis betting site is critically important for your strategy. I encourage you to only bet on tennis at a sportsbook that offers a variety of live odds, such as the ones I described above.

Bovada has the most extensive selection of live tennis odds, including the match winner, points, sets, total, and margin of victory.

If you decide to join, Bovada has a promotion for new players that can be used on tennis live betting. Make a first-time deposit with a credit card and get a 50% match bonus of up to $250. Alternatively, deposit with cryptocurrency to turn it into a 75% match bonus of up to $750!

Golf – Awkward For The Bookies, Good For The Bettors

Golf betting isn’t the most popular in-game option, but I will share why you shouldn’t ignore it as one of the best live betting wagering.

Naturally, golf is not fast paced like our examples above. However, it doesn’t mean that sportsbooks react quickly to what is happening on the golf course.

In fact, betting sites typically only adjust their odds AFTER golfers have completed a hole. This is especially true prior to the final holes of Round 4 when bettors aren’t paying attention as closely.

For example, let’s assume a golfer has +2000 live odds to win a tournament in Round 2. Their approach shot is close, and they have a high percentage putt for birdie or eagle. Oftentimes, live betting odds do not recognize the approach shot to the green.

The price for this golfer will drop following the putt being made. It isn’t foolproof 100% of the time. Golfers can miss an easy putt, or there are many bettors wagering on the same golfer, and the odds drop before the attempt.

Nevertheless, with this strategy, I’ve added several high-value golfers to my card. Moreover, if you only like betting on golf before the top contenders are in place for the back-9 in Round 4, in-game odds offer a chance to bet on the tournament down the stretch.

Excellent Choice For Live Betting On Golf

SportsBetting crypto welcome bonus.

Our Rating

4.1/5 stars. is my go-to online sportsbook for betting on live golf odds. With lines on a variety of tournaments, including the majors, the site is a safe choice for golf handicappers has a can’t-miss bonus for new customers. First-time deposits are eligible for a 50% match bonus of up to $1,000. You could also deposit with cryptocurrency for a 100% match bonus!

MMA/Boxing – Experts Can Often Find Value

Live betting on boxing and MMA matches is one of the newer in-game options at sports betting sites. Over the last five years, live wagering for combat sports has become increasingly common

This is only recommended if you are watching closely. Do not bet blindly on live odds for fights. You must be aware of the flow, rhythm, and strategy of each fighter before placing in-game bets.

Pre-fight preparations can change due to how the fight is going. Adapting to an opponent is important to winning in boxing and MMA. Fortunately, bettors have an inside look with cameras in the corners between rounds.

What’s more, identifying the pace of the fight and the fitness levels of each fighter can be helpful. With 12 rounds in a typical boxing match, this can be easier to recognize in boxing.

Combat sports aren’t a top option for beginners, but with a bit of experience, this is one of the best sports for live betting.

Best Value Live Odds On MMA & Boxing

Screenshot of BetWhale website showing the sports welcome promotion.

Our Rating

4/5 stars.

If you want to try it yourself, BetWhale has top-grade live betting software. They offer all the best sports for live gambling. Most notably, the MMA and boxing live odds are considerably superior to the competition.

Whether you want to bet on the UFC or a smaller promotion, BetWhale has betting lines for a number of fights every week. Although there are better sites for pre-game wagering, this is a top choice for any live betting enthusiast.

Try out BetWhale today with a free betting bonus! For a limited time, deposit for a 125% match bonus of up to $1,250.

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