Learn How to Bet on the Super Bowl Online

Super Bowl Trophy LogoEach football season, the betting interest for the Super Bowl spikes up in record-breaking fashion. Whether it be on a sportsbook casino floor or the ever-so-popular mobile betting app, betting on Super Bowl Sunday has become as much of a staple as the Gatorade shower or halftime show.

But with so much focus on the “what,” there is a natural emphasis on the “how” to follow, and it’s knowing how to bet on the Super Bowl that becomes just as important as who is playing and the odds associated with them.

While betting methods and techniques will always vary based off the patron, there are several universal guidelines that both novice and experienced gamblers must keep in mind when betting on the Super Bowl.

While strategy is essential and will help you become a more informed and organized bettor, knowing the “do’s and don’ts” must be prioritized. Once these are fully comprehended, the ensuing steps of learning how to bet on Super Bowl 2021 will begin to flow much more naturally.

Let’s take a look at steps to consider and mistakes to avoid in order to paint a clearer picture of Super Bowl betting.

How to Bet on Super Bowl 55 in 4 Easy Steps

  • Determine what type of bet you intend to make before shopping for value.
  • Evaluate the different options you have by line shopping various markets.
  • Create an online account with a sports betting website and deposit the money you intend to wager.
  • Make your bet sooner rather than later

Step 1 – Determine What Type of Bet You Intend to Make

In order to make a bet, you must first make the conscious decision to bet, and while this sounds simple it is the most important step to take since all of the following are dependent on it. Just a few points to consider when facing this step:

  • Doing this can make you more selective and “to-the-point” with your shopping
  • Simply put, “know what is happening on Sunday”
  • Knowing in full detail what you want to bet makes the handicapping process quicker

Step 2 – Evaluate the Different Line Shopping Options

Line shopping is one of the most critical components of betting sports successfully. Understanding how to go about this step will not only help a bettor gauge listed prices more precisely but also understanding what odds and spreads personally work the best for that person’s wagering process.

  • Look over a sports betting site’s posted odds to find the best value
  • Take advantage of the numerous options, as if you were buying a car or house
  • If the current lines don’t interest you, do not force a play! Super Bowl lines can change in your favor.

Step 3 – Create an Online Account and Deposit Money

This must be done to ensure one can participate in making a bet. As long as the bettor has clarity over how much money is being deposited and how it will be utilized once placed in the newly created account, this is a step in the process that should go quickly and smoothly.

  • The sooner this is done the sooner you can worry about the bet itself
  • The sign-up only has to be done once for each respective site, so doing it earlier can allow for more focus on playing the match up

Step 4 – Make Your Bet Sooner Rather Than Later

If you plan to wait on making a Super Bowl bet in hopes of finding a number you feel comfortable with, then by all means, go about your reasoning. But certain numbers only get so good, and if one realizes that what they see is the best they will get, it is best advised to waste no more time and make the play.

  • Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest day of the year in the sports gaming industry
  • Making your plays as soon as possible will allow for greater enjoyment of the game itself and ensure you know what you have at stake
  • Technology is always a risk because unlike a bookie, it cannot talk back to you; give yourself a window of time to double check accuracy
  • There is no rush, but the sooner you make the bet the less you will have to worry about by the time kick off arrives.

Mistakes to Avoid When Betting on the Super Bowl

Do Not Give in to Peer Pressure

  • Getting involved in the fun is great, but only if there is conviction. Do not bet if you do not truly want to.
  • Go off of YOUR opinion, not somebody else’s

Avoid Untrustworthy or Hard-To-Use Football Betting Sites

With so many online sportsbooks, placing your money into one that can be trusted is beneficial to all parties involved

  • If it feels weird to you, don’t sign up
  • All legitimate Super Bowl betting websites have similar traits and being able to identify them helps dramatically.
  • For more info on choosing the safest Super Bowl betting sites we’ve included a link below along with a link to where you can find a review of all the websites we recommend for Super Bowl 2021 betting.

Take Emotion out of the Scenario

  • Many people often make their first bet on a team they support
  • While it is always a win-win when a bettor can cash out and see their favorite team succeed, remember that one should bet what they think will happen, not what they want to happen.

A Helpful “How to Bet on the Super Bowl” Checklist

Green and Blue Clipboard
Before signaling the green light for betting on the Super Bowl, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this make sense? Do I know what the bet is asking of me?
  • Do I feel 100% confident in this play? Was I pressured into it?
  • Will the payout benefit me, what is the value in the odds I see?
  • Is the same bet available elsewhere for a better price?
  • Are there additional Super Bowl bets I can make or have made that will
    be determined off of what happens in the game’s final score?

Super Bowl Betting vs NFL Season Betting

With the focus solely on one contest, Super Bowl prop bets and in-game wagering allows for the bettor to put a play under a magnifying glass, as many elements of the Super Bowl are fleshed out in ways that other pro football games are not due to its one game only, one day only nature.

With so many possible bets coming from just one game, the bettor now can peruse their options while still not having to worry about other games on the slate, as betting the Super Bowl is essentially a cornered market but one with numerous opportunities.

Football betting has several evergreen rules and guidelines that hold up regardless of the type of game being played, so much of the reasoning that goes into making a Super Bowl bet is similar to one’s regular season betting.

As bettors become more experienced, it becomes easier for them to make plays situationally as the entire process becomes more natural to gauge. For newcomers, it is best to learn at least the basics of betting NFL games if one plans to make a play on something game-related.

As that person becomes more knowledgeable and experienced, the ability to differentiate and select Super Bowl bets based off on the importance of a contest becomes more natural.

Super Bowl Betting vs Regular Season Betting

Should You Bet on the Super Bowl If You Have Never Placed a Bet?

Super Bowl Sunday as a whole is designed to attract casual fans from all walks of life and even non-sports fans given the entertainment and media activity surrounding the game.

If there were one sporting event that a novice can not only consume but bet, it would be the Super Bowl as the universal attention surrounding the game often leads to a feeling of inclusion and importance among patrons.

With its widespread appeal and plentiful amount of wagers to make, Super Bowl Sunday presents a great opportunity for newcomers to learn how to bet on sports and to also get their foot in the door by trying it for the first time.

By far the most casual sporting event of the year, you do not have to be a sports expert or frequent gambler to get in on the action, which is why the big game continues to break its own records every year in handle.

Wagering is ultimately a judgment-based decision, but betting on the Super Bowl is the best opportunity for one to try their hand in it if they have not previously done so.

Commonn Questions About How to Bet on the Super Bowl

How Soon Should I Attempt to Bet the Super Bowl?

There is no timetable, it simply depends on preference. If you find a price you like, hesitating could be costly, just as firing on a bet too early could be as well. This type of personal judgment stems from one’s opinion and will vary depending on the quality of the booked contest.

Is There an Advantage to Betting on the Super Bowl Online vs In-Person?

An even greater increase in options. While brick-and-mortar properties offer numerous Super Bowl prop bets and game-specific plays, this increases tenfold with online sportsbooks and mobile betting apps.

Because of the accessibility of the internet and the lack of in-person based customer service, more time can be spent on the variety of plays posted and deciding how you want to balance your money.

Is There More Value Betting the Super Bowl Compared to Other NFL Games?

No, simply because value is dependent on the nature of the match up and how many people are playing it. However, there is more opportunity to find volume compared to regular season NFL games, yes, as all of the handicapping and oddsmaking focus will be on one game and one game only, allowing for a bettor to find “value within the value”.

If I Do Not Have an Opinion on the Game Itself, Should I Make a Prop Bet?

If you feel comfortable with it, absolutely! With so many prop bets being created by online and land-based sportsbooks every year for the game, it is now easier than ever to get involved with the action for casual sports fans or even those who don’t follow the game at all.

Prop bets on everything from song sets at the halftime show, the sequencing of different commercials, and the color of the celebratory Gatorade bath can be played, and the props alone serve an entire demographic who want to join in on the festivities, but on a smaller scale.

The Wrap Up

Ultimately, every betting process and strategy is subjective as there are far too many personality types and wagering styles to have a grip on every detail. Yet, there are general guidelines to follow when looking at the “big game” and learning how to bet on it.

With the contest surely to once again generate a record-breaking handle when February comes around, the difference in being a newcomer and knowing how to bet on the Super Bowl will become apparent as kickoff draws closer.

Being involved in the latter can allow for a more enjoyable viewing experience and of course, an increased chance of being on the winning side of the action.

If you have followed these guidelines and feel comfortable with the necessary steps of how to bet on the Super Bowl, you can kick start your sports gambling career by being involved in the biggest sporting and betting contest in the world.

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