World Series Betting Sites

One of the most popular sports to bet on is Major League Baseball, and everything culminates yearly with the World Series in late October. The World Series is a best of seven series with the top teams from the American League and National League duking it out for World Champion rights. If you’re someone who knows baseball well, and you’re an expert at picking winners, this creates some awesome betting opportunities to make some money.

The best baseball betting tip is worth exactly zero dollars if you don’t have somewhere to place the bet. You don’t get paid any money for “being right” without putting your money where your mouth is. Sometimes, though, getting to the nearest casino or sportsbook is too big of a hassle, especially during World Series time when you know things are going to be busy.

Luckily, the world of online sports betting has been exploding over the past few decades and has created a ton of high-quality, trusted, and easy-to-use options for you to place your World Series bets from the comfort of your own home. Below, you’ll find the list of the top-rated World Series betting sites available on the net. These sites cannot pay to be on the list; these are simply the best options available for you.

Betting Site
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Tips for Selecting a World Series Betting Site

For those of you that aren’t quite sure yet which site you want to bet with, we’ve put together a few additional tips to help you decide. While the World Series is only a few weeks out of the year, you may find yourself betting more sports or more baseball next season. For that reason, it’s important that you pick a sports betting site that feels like a home. You need to pick a site where you feel comfortable, feel safe, and can easily navigate and use.

Decide If Prop Bet Options Are Important to You

It’s safe to say that pretty much any sportsbook on the planet is going to be offering betting action on the World Series. That being said, not every sportsbook is going to be offering a wide array of World Series betting options for you to choose from. A lot of sites (especially ones that don’t normally carry a lot of baseball action) are only going to have individual game “to win” bets and series bets. This means that on those sites, you will only be able to bet on which team is going to win each game and which team is going to win the series.

If that’s all you’re concerned with, no problem! But if you’re someone that wants a lot more betting flexibility on the World Series, you’ll want to find a site that caters to baseball bettors. These sites will offer a whole host of prop style bets for you to bet on each game as well as on the series. You’ll be able to bet things like over/under stats for each team, over/under stats for individual players, how many games the series will go, and even some fun stuff like how long the National Anthem is every night.

If this is important to you, whether for entertainment reasons or to utilize more of your knowledge base, make sure you’re betting at a site that is prepared to accommodate you. The World Series betting sites we’ve recommended above offer a fantastic variety of bet options on the World Series as well as on regular-season and playoff baseball games.

Look for World Series-Specific Bonuses

Who doesn’t like free stuff? While you won’t be able to get $1 hotdogs online like you might at the ballpark, you can at least get quite a few bonuses for placing your bets with the right sportsbooks. Online sportsbooks love to compete for your business, and they especially love to compete around major championship events like the MLB World Series.

What this means:
Is that you stand to get a lot of freebies if you’re smart about where you bet. Look for online sports betting sites that have specific offers catered to baseball bettors. Sometimes these can be healthy deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, free team swag, and even free bets if you lose your first bet. We’ve seen all of these and more depending on the creativity of the marketing department at each sportsbook.

How do you take advantage of these bonuses? All you have to do is look for them. Additionally, you may need to opt in, which just means letting the site know that you’d like to take advantage of the promotion. The best way to make sure you’re getting everything is to read the fine print or at least talk to customer support before you start utilizing a promotion.

In-Game/Live Betting

When it comes to baseball, in-game betting is a huge market. As you can imagine, that market during the World Series is that much bigger. If you’re someone who enjoys in-game betting or thinks that it might be something you’d like to try, make sure that you’re betting with a World Series betting site that offers this capability.

For those of you that might not be sure what in-game betting is, it’s the ability for you to place bets after the game has started. The different betting lines on each team will change as the action happens. If your team goes down a few runs, but you still think they are going to win, you can make a lot of money getting a great underdog line with in-game betting.

You’ll want to be careful and take things slowly at first, but it really is an exciting and fun way to stay engaged during a game. The sites we’ve recommended above will offer live in-game betting during the MLB World Series.

We do highly recommend checking out the platform and how everything works before the games start. Things move quickly, and you want to make sure that you understand what you are doing and how to do it before it’s actually crunch time.

The Wrap-Up

By now, you’ve hopefully got all the tools you need to find the best MLB World Series betting site for you. We highly recommend utilizing the list of sites we’ve given you at the top of the page, as these are the best options available on the web in regards to trust, reliability, ease of use, and overall betting experience. If you do decide to look for a different betting site out there, at least utilize the tips we’ve given you to try and get the best experience possible.