Paris 2024 Gold Medal Win Totals: Will Team US Beat Expectations?

Paris 2024 Gold Medal Win Totals: Will Team US Beat Expectations?

How many medals will Team US win in Paris 2024? I share my answer in this article that was inspired by the Olympic medal win totals odds offered by the best Olympic sportsbooks.

That’s right, you can place bets on the medal count over/under of various countries. Are you confident that certain nations will fall or rise above expectations? I see a few good wagers here, so let’s talk about them.

Continue reading to check out the latest odds, analysis, and Paris 2024 gold medals over/under predictions!

I’ve used BetOnline’s lines for all countries below. You can find the Olympics medal total odds at BetOnline by navigating to Sports > Olympics > Medal Totals.

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Team USA Total Gold Medals Odds and Predictions

  • Over 38.5 Gold Medals (-115)
  • Under 38.5 Gold Medals (-115)

The United States has won the most all-time medals and gold medals in Summer Olympic history. They’ve won a total of 2,985 medals, with 1,183 golds since the 1896 Summer Games.

The competition has improved over the last decade, but they continue to lead the way. Admittedly, though, Tokyo 2020 was not their best Olympic Games. China was lurking close behind with 38 gold medals.

The US completed their Tokyo 2020 campaign with 39 gold teams to lead the table. After dominating with 48 gold at London 2012 and 46 at 2016 Rio, the US took a step back with 39 in Japan.

Michael Phelps’ dominance was missed in the pool, and the gymnastics team didn’t shine, but they still managed to eke out 39 gold medals! Since Atlanta 1996, the US has averaged 40.85 golds per Olympic Summer Games.

The country is expected to have a big run at the top of the podium on the track and pool. Swimming events and track and field will provide big wins for the Americans. Phelps is gone, but there is still quality talent on the swim team.

I really like what I see from the track and field athletes. Noah Lyles and Sha’Carri Richardson are poised to have big showings. Lyles is a six-time world champion and ranks No. 1 in the men’s 200m and 2nd in the men’s 100m. Richardson is currently 1st in the women’s 100m rankings.

The country will be competitive in most many other disciplines, and the same applies to swimming and multiple other sports. The US covered this line in a fairly weak showing in Tokyo, so doing the same in Paris should be easy.

The USA Olympic medal win total for gold is a touch too short at sports betting sites. I have the US winning 40 gold medals, so consider backing the Over at 38.5.

The Bet
USA Over 38.5 Gold Medals

Team France Total Gold Medal Odds and Predictions

  • Over 23.5 Gold Medals (-115)
  • Under 23.5 Gold Medals (-115)

France is hosting the Summer Olympics for the first time since Paris 1924. It should be a thrilling spectacle with the Eiffel Tower as a stunning backdrop. However, is Team France ready to exceed expectations on their home turf?

Typically, the home country gets a medal boost from hosting the Olympics for a number of reasons. Most notably, the host country invests more money into training, so they have a positive showing in front of the rest of the world.

No nation wants to host the Olympics and not have medals to show for their effort. Therefore, France’s 2024 Olympic medal win over/under is up to 23.5 golds. This is a significant divergence from their production at recent Olympics!

In fact, France hasn’t won more than 20 gold medals since Paris 1900! Over the last four Summer Games, France has won 10, 10, 11, and seven. They’ve averaged 11 gold medals since 1996.

Team France will see a jump in their medal wins at Paris 2024. However, 24 more gold medals than three years ago in Tokyo? Remember, there is only a three-year turnaround due to the last Olympics being delayed by a year.

That’s asking a lot from France. I project the hists winning 18-20 medals, so the Under 23.5 gold medals is sharp betting value at -115 odds!

The Bet
France Under 23.5 Gold Medals

Team China Total Gold Medal Odds and Predictions

  • Over 33.5 Gold Medals (-115)
  • Under 33.5 Gold Medals (-115)

The Chinese team is historically America’s biggest threat in the Olympic medal table. They’ve finished first or second in total medals in four of the previous five Summer Olympics.

Team China led all countries at Beijing 2008, which included 48 gold medals! They couldn’t match that production four years later in London but still collected a respectable 39 gold medals.

After struggling to find form at Rio 2016 with 26 gold medals, China responded with 38 at Tokyo 2020. The 26 gold medals in Brazil was considered an embarrassing display for China.

As expected, Team China wasn’t going to allow another letdown in Paris. Look for China to be in control of the diving board. They make diving events look like clockwork. Expect that to continue at Paris 2024, especially with Cao Yuan’s returning to defend his title.

Additionally, China should have multiple gold medals in shooting and table tennis. These are two sports that the Chinese take great pride in at the Olympics.

For example, legendary table tennis player Ma Long was selected for Team China.  He is the most decorated table tennis player of all time, with three team gold and two single titles. Low is only one of a few with a chance to win gold for China!

The country should reach 35 gold medals at the 2024 Summer Games. It’d be a major disappointment if they don’t win a minimum of 34 golds! That said, Chinese fans should be content with their performance, so consider backing the Over at 33.5 gold medals.

The Bet
China Over 33.5 Gold Medals

Team Great Britain Total Gold Medal Odds and Predictions

  • Over 15.5 Gold Medals (-125)
  • Under 15.5 Gold Medals (-105)

Most online betting apps and sites don’t expect Great Britain to have their best Summer Olympics. The country’s current Olympic gold medal total at 15.5 suggests they’re not on pace to match their usual production.

The Brits have won 22, 27, 29, and 19 gold medals since Beijing 2008. Since investing more into their athletes, Great Britain has taken off after winning just 30 total medals at Athens 2004.

Will Great Britain fall off that badly from 22 to 15 gold medals in three years? They are not bringing the same level of talent, but I don’t anticipate Great Britain to regress quite that much!

Cycling, equestrian, swimming, and sailing competitions will still be in Great Britain’s wheelhouse. They will likely have success in events that the US and China aren’t traditionally strong in.

The Brits’ Olympic medal win’s total is too short by two golds by my estimations. Expect Great Britain to reach 17 or 18 gold medals, so consider adding the Over 15.5 to your Paris 2024 betting card!

The Bet
Great Britain Over 15.5 Gold Medals
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