When Can We Expect Online Sports Betting in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Online Sports Betting

Sports bettors in Wisconsin have been patiently waiting for an announcement regarding the legalization of online sports betting in the state. While Wisconsin approved a sports betting compact with the Oneida Nation in 2021, the law forbids online gambling. Therefore, legal sports betting options are limited in Wisconsin.

This begs the question: when will online sports betting be legal in Wisconsin? Are Wisconsin residents going to be able to bet on sports online at all?

The timetable for the legalization of online gambling, which includes sports betting and online casinos in Wisconsin, is clouded in uncertainty at the moment. Nevertheless, we can do our best to look for clues and evidence that might indicate an accurate timeframe for legal online sports betting in Wisconsin.

As the digital landscape continues to expand, states must adjust their sports betting strategy or risk falling behind. Nebraska, which recently legalized sports betting, is in the same position as Wisconsin. The Cornhusker State has legal sports betting, but there wasn’t any language in the sports betting bill for online gambling.

Wisconsin and Nebraska are two of nine states that currently offer retail sports wagering, but no online sports betting. Conversely, a total of 24 states have some form of online sports betting legalized1.

Due to tribal sovereignty in Wisconsin, indigenous tribes control the gambling industry in the state. In 2021, Gov. Tony Evers signed a compact with the Oneida Nation to allow sports betting in Wisconsin2.

The compact opened the door for other tribal casinos to get involved in sports betting. The Potawatomi Nation followed the Oneidas’ lead and entered the sports betting industry. The agreement with Wisconsin meant that the Potawatomi Nation became the first tribe to be able to provide legal sports betting in Milwaukee.

Potawatomi Casino Hotel’s CEO, Dominic Ortiz, is confident that there will be online sports betting in the future. When asked about online sports betting, Ortiz shared this comment with TMJ4’s Ben Jordan3:

“Look, the digital front’s going to come whether I like it or not,” Ortiz said. “For me, the longest runway I could get would be great. I will tell you it’s an inevitable future.”

While Ortiz anticipates online sports betting will come to Wisconsin, he could not provide a confident answer when pressed on a timetable. By Ortiz’s estimations, online sports betting should be legal in Wisconsin in the next 5 to 15 years.

That leaves a ten-year gap from 2028 to 2038. Certainly, this is not what sports gamblers in Wisconsin wanted to hear.

Wisconsin Constitution Must Be Amended

Contrary to popular belief, gambling is largely illegal in Wisconsin. Casino gambling and sports betting are not legal under Wisconsin law. According to Wisconsin Statute 945.01, only Indian casino gaming is permitted in the state4.

Tribes operate through their own jurisdiction and can place casinos on their land. As a result, gamblers in Wisconsin cannot place casino and sports bets off tribal territory. Before online sports betting is legalized, the Wisconsin Constitution will have to be amended first.

Currently, there are no sports betting bills that have been proposed by Wisconsin lawmakers to change the Constitution in Wisconsin or to make adjustments to sports betting.

Consequently, we can safely say that there will not be online sports betting in Wisconsin for at least another two to three years. Amending the Constitution and signing an online sports betting bill would not be a quick process. At this time, there have been no preliminary discussions.

Online Sports Betting Infrastructure in Wisconsin

In addition to amending the Wisconsin Constitution, there will have to be an online infrastructure to support online sports betting in Wisconsin. If the tribal casinos are fine with private operators entering the state, then it would be quick and easy.

However, if the tribal casinos do not want outsiders to interfere in the gambling industry, they will need to have their own online betting infrastructure. This will take time to develop, test, and launch.

The Oneida Casino has their own sportsbook app in the Apple App Store5. However, it has to be used on casino property, as betting off the casino grounds is strictly forbidden. Having an app is a positive sign, but it severely lags behind the competition of other sports betting apps.

There would have to be a more intuitive online betting product offered, along with more choices for gamblers in Wisconsin. Before companies and or tribal casinos target online betting, there will have to be a desire in the Wisconsin Legislature. Again, this can possibly take years.

Our Predicted Timeframe

So, when will online sports betting be legal in Wisconsin? Don’t plan on it being in the foreseeable future. This is not an omission that it won’t be legalized, but Wisconsin sports bettors will have to wait.

The Potawatomi Casino Hotel’s CEO prediction of 5 to 15 years provides a sizable window for when there will be online sports betting in Wisconsin. We are going to be a little more optimistic and have a timeline of 5 to 7 years.

Technology is rapidly improving, and we do not believe that Wisconsin can afford to wait another 15 years for online sports betting. They risk being left behind by neighboring states, like Michigan, which already have online sports betting.

Over the next few years, expect to see more land-based sports betting locations open as more tribal casinos open their own sportsbooks. As it currently stands, there are less than five in-person sportsbooks in the state

For legal sportsbooks regulated by the State of Wisconsin, your options are going to be very slim. However, there are alternative options available.

Residents of Wisconsin looking for convenient places to bet through the state will likely be disappointed in what’s available. As of the summer of 2023, there are just three locations accepting legal sports bets in Wisconsin:

  • Potawatomi Casino Hotel – Milwaukee
  • Oneida Casino – Green Bay
  • Oneida Sportsbook – Ashwaubenon

St. Croix Casinos at Danbury and Turtle Lake offered sports betting starting in April 2022. However, according to the St. Croix Casino website, sports betting has been suspended until further notice6.

St. Croix patrons have been without sports betting since at least early March. Currently, this leaves only Potawatomi Casino Hotel and Oneida Casino as options to bet on sports. Needless to say, the rollout of legal sports betting in Wisconsin hasn’t gone smoothly.

The lack of locations and options stresses the importance of introducing online sports betting in Wisconsin. Before this happens, Wisconsin will not be able to reap the full benefits of legal sports betting.

Where Can Wisconsin Residents Place Sports Bets Online?

Despite uncertainty for the future of regulated online Wisconsin sports betting, gamblers can get started with private operators located outside of the state. If you are looking for online sports betting in Wisconsin, there are several online sportsbooks that you can play at today.

For our top Wisconsin sportsbook recommendation, we have selected Bovada as the top online gambling site to consider. With over 25 years of experience in the online sports betting industry, Bovada has established itself as a leading sportsbook.

On any given day, sports bettors can find thousands of betting odds at Bovada. Also unavailable at Wisconsin land-based sportsbooks, Bovada has live betting to wager on games while they are happening. In-game betting provides bettors with a multitude of ways to pad their bankroll.

Sports bettors in Wisconsin can take advantage of a wide array of deposit and withdrawal options, including credit cards and cryptocurrency. New deposits are eligible for a sign-up free sports betting bonus of up to $250.


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