Best Call of Duty Betting Sites for 2022

Even though the Call of Duty esports scene isn’t all that new, the Call of Duty League (CDL) basically brought it back from the dead. Thanks to the highly lucrative league, the Call of Duty esports scene is at an all-time high. With it came a surging demand for Call of Duty betting. In fact, real money CoD betting must be why you’re here in the first place!

More precisely, you’re likely here to learn about the best esports betting sites that have Call of Duty odds. If that’s the case, then feast your eyes upon our favorite sites where you can bet on Call of Duty.

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Even though CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege often pose as the most popular first-person shooters (FPS) on the esports scene, there’s a relatively new player on the rise. Call of Duty is the name and, with its new elite-level competition, it’s eyeing the top of the food chain and keeping focus on the grand scheme of things.

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The much-hyped Call of Duty League has the potential to be the next big thing in the esports industry. It’s highly lucrative, packs all the hottest Call of Duty talents, and incorporates teams as direct partners. We’ll talk more about the CDL later on. For now, let’s just say that Call of Duty betting sites have a whole lot of work to do because of the CDL!

What Makes the Best Call of Duty Betting Sites?

If you’re done with checking out our picks on where to bet on Call of Duty, let’s move onto the next section. These would be the key factors that make the best CoD bookies. It’s a lengthy list, so we’re only going to focus on the four crucial ones.

We all make mistakes, and joining a bad bookmaker is probably up there with the worst mistakes people make when betting real money on Call of Duty online. So, to prevent you from doing exactly that, here are the four vital contributors to look for when choosing your starting real money Call of Duty betting sites:

Supported Payment Methods

Payment MethodsFirst up are the available payment methods. Most people think they aren’t important. In fact, most people think the number of available payment methods doesn’t matter at all. Well, most people are wrong, don’t be like them!

The first thing that screams “bad bookmaker” is the lack of supported payment methods. It’s as simple as that! In fact, if your current esports betting sites with odds on Call of Duty betting of choice feature just two or three payment options, run!

Not only are bookies with multiple payment methods typically safer and more reliable, but they also bring positive aspects to their users, not forcing them to use a different payment method than what they’re used to.

Cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new thing in the world of online betting, but they’re growing rapidly and could be the next big thing. They’re easy to set up (for the most part) and the majority of above-featured Call of Duty betting sites support them. And don’t even get us started on the security and anonymity they provide. If that’s something you’re interested in, give cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin a chance.

Availability of Other Esports Betting Options

Even if you’re just interested in betting on Call of Duty, you should still ensure your go-to online bookmaker features other esports betting options too. You never know when your attention will switch to another esports title and you’ll want an esports betting site that offers more than just Call of Duty odds. Who knows, perhaps one of the highly-anticipated upcoming games will make a giant breakthrough and become the next big thing in the esports world…

If that happens and you get a sudden urge to get a few wagers in, you’ll be grateful you chose a bookie with a history of esports lines’ diversity.

These days, most bookies (including our favorite Call of Duty betting sites listed above) don’t just offer betting on esports but a whole ton of sports and entertainment categories, too. You can never get enough line diversity. That’s something you’ll begin to understand as you gain more experience.

Ease of Use

If a CoD betting site has plenty of payment methods, cryptocurrencies, a ton of available esports, and low-profit margins, but it’s an outright abomination in terms of page-to-page navigation and UI, it won’t be a very popular option.

You see, one of the first things people notice when browsing through online esports betting sites is their ease of use factor. We’re referring to the aforementioned page-to-page navigation, loading speed, user interface simplicity, registration/login difficulty, and more. All these things fall under the “ease of use” category which greatly affects a bookie’s ability to acquire and retain users.

Never settle for overly complicated, slow-loading bookmakers! You might not think much of it at first, but it’ll definitely cripple your online betting experience and destroy your will to bet.

Mobile Friendliness

Bovada Call Of Duty LinesLastly, as the world moves from desktop-based to smartphone technology, so is the online betting sphere. The majority of people partake in betting on the fly, which is nothing surprising considering the growth of people using smartphones as primary web browsing devices.

That said, it’s only logical of Call of Duty online betting sites to invest in mobile-friendly platforms or dedicated smartphone betting apps for users to be able to bet real money on Call of Duty online from their phones. After all, mobile-friendly sites and apps are already becoming the primary income platforms for CoD betting sites. People enjoy betting on the fly, using their powerful smartphone hardware, and that trend won’t disappear anytime soon, that’s for sure!

Call of Duty League Betting 101

Call Of Duty League LogoLet’s take things slow and start off with the Call of Duty League. Yes, the CDL was a thing before 2022. It was called Call of Duty World League (CWL) and was formatted quite differently than the all-new CDL.

Even though CoD esports has been a thing for quite a while, the latest season is the season that drove the expectations sky-high!

Why is that so?

What changed so drastically?

Well, long story short, franchising happened. The Call of Duty League made 12 esports organizations their permanent partners, secured massive funding through spot purchases (around $25 million per team), and organized a professional CoD competition, possessing everything it takes to become the biggest thing the esports industry has ever seen.

Fast forward a few months, the CDL has switched to online play, but it shouldn’t bring forth too many issues in the long run. There were issues at the start, a lot of them to be more precise, but it seems as though everything was gradually corrected.

To summarize, the all-new Call of Duty League is definitely among the greatest esports events out there, and as such, it bears massive importance for the overall health of the industry. If you’re interested in Call of Duty betting, the CDL is the only event you should be investigating. Remember that!

Real Money CDL Betting

Call of Duty Online Betting Sites – Three Things to Keep in Mind

Let’s talk about advice! Advice always comes in handy, even more so when it’s coming from a knowledgeable person with plenty of experience in the given subject. If you’re just starting out your esports betting career, you can never get enough advice. That’s a fact!

While this is not the time nor the place for a comprehensive list of esports betting strategies, here’s a quick looking into three things that you need to keep in mind at all times:

Bonuses Are Awesome

Most people think of bonuses as a cheap client-acquisition method used by all prominent online bookmakers. And while that’s true (to an extent), there are bookies that are much more generous than others. And we’re not just talking about their bonus percentages and lenient caps, but the fine print that’s usually there to prevent their users from cashing out their bonus funds.

Supply Crate Call Of DutyHowever, that’s not the case with all major CoD betting sites. There are those that install generous bonuses that aren’t locked up by rigorous rollover amounts and other measures in the fine print. Users still have to dedicate a ton of time to cash their bonus funds out, but if they do, we’re talking about massive sums that’d make your head spin.

Even if we’re talking about bonuses with rigorous rollover measures, it’s still free funds. You can use them to tackle lengthy accumulators, try to nail down crazy upsets, and place all sorts of high-risk bets. Bonuses are awesome, if not for the money, then surely for the thrill of the chase!

Always Compare the Call of Duty Betting Odds

Why do we recommend joining more real money Call of Duty betting sites instead of just one? Well, there’s a rather simple answer to that question. Joining more CoD betting sites allows you to, among other things, compare their odds. This way, you’ll be able to make a better choice based on the potential returns they yield when you bet on Call of Duty online.

This is not only useful for bettors who prefer accumulators but for singles too.

Sure, slightly higher Call of Dudy odds can mean a ton in lengthier, high-stake accumulators, but specials are not to be taken for granted either.

Don’t Chase Your Esports Betting Losses

Every betting campaign has the potential to ruin one’s finances. Yep, we’re not beating around the bush here, we’re 100% serious. Esports betting can ruin one’s finances in a jiffy, especially with tactics such as chasing losses.

If you haven’t heard of this term by now, it’s pretty straightforward. Chasing losses is continuing to bet your hard-earned money after you’ve already splurged through your bankroll. This is a one-way ticket to finance hell, so the best esports betting advice we can give you is to never chase your losses!

If you’re on an awfully bad losing spree, the worst thing you can do is invest more money, hoping you’ll get back on level terms. We know it’s tempting, but it is of crucial importance that you never succumb to the pressure!

FAQ on CoD Betting Sites

All critical characteristics of good Call of Duty online betting sites have been explained earlier. It’s near the top of the page, to be more precise. Long story short, the things you should be looking for include payment method variety, generous bonuses, and quality customer support, while also ensuring there’s a good variety of esports betting options available.

Yes, we deliberately left out stuff like Call of Duty odds and payout speeds. While they are important in the grand scheme of things, the aforementioned factors are the ones you should be looking for if you want the very best esports betting experience. Rest assured, there are Call of Duty betting sites capable of providing you with exactly that and more.

Now that you know about the key factors behind great Call of Duty betting sites, it’s time to shed some light on actual names. As a matter of fact, we don’t have to do that. How come? Well, we already did. Just scroll back up to the top of the page and you’ll see our picks of where to bet on Call of Duty online.

Now, isn’t this a tricky question?! Well, let’s face it, the majority of people betting on esports (this includes CoD betting) won’t have much of a profit. In fact, they’ll be on the losing end of the spectrum. Only a small portion will be able to brag around with the money they’ve won, and only a small portion of them will have earned enough money to call themselves rich.

We’re not trying to shake you off CoD betting, we’re just being realistic. That’s something you won’t see from most of our competitors. If you want to succeed in the harsh world of esports betting online, you have to be realistic, too. There’s no room for those “rags to riches” stories or any other form of unrealistic expectations. Arm yourself with patience, keep your head down, and enjoy your esports betting campaign. The money will come on its own.

There are certain safety precautions you can take when using Call of Duty betting sites. For starters, you should only join the biggest, most reputable CoD betting sites, such as the ones portrayed at the top of this page. These are typically the safest options as they’re packed with state-of-the-art encryption and security measures.

The second thing you should keep note of is your own online security checkup. Passwords, for instance, should always be unique, as long as possible, and contain all sorts of special symbols. The best way to approach this is to grab yourself a premium password vault which will bring your online security up a notch!

For everyone who’s just starting their CoD betting adventure, the all-new Call of Duty League is the only CoD event worth betting on. We’re not even exaggerating here. If you’re into CoD esports, you should already know for a fact that CoD is the only real top-tier competition left.

Luckily, we’re not talking about a short-term event here that takes place over the course of a week or two. Instead, the CDL is a fully-fledged league that lasts for more than half a year. It’s packed with the hottest talent out there, gathers a wide audience, and possesses a solid demand for betting options making Call of Duty online betting sites work their magic with the specials. Long story short, CDL is not just the best but the only CoD event you should be betting on!

You're in luck! We have a dedicated real money CoD betting guide right here on TheSportsGeek. It covers the basics of call of duty betting, the history of CoD as an esport, biggest Call of Duty events to bet on, and much more!

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