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When looking for the best MLB betting site available to you out there, there are quite a few things to make sure that you factor in. The first thing that’s typically most important to sports bettors is the ease of deposit and withdrawal on and off of each website. Other things that normally factor in to making a great MLB betting site, are things like the limits offered, customer service, and ease of use from the website.

We’re going to give you a breakdown of each of the top three sites found for MLB betting, as well as giving you a winner in the best MLB betting site. We’ve done some research and found that the top three overall recommended betting sites came down to Bovada, 5dimes, and BetOnline. Let’s take a look at each site and the pros and cons of each.

Let’s take a look at some of the positives of MLB betting at Bovada. They offers some of the most deposit methods, as well as a minimum deposit amount of just $20. Bovada’s withdrawals normally are done by the same method that you used to deposit, and they will normally cover all fees for payouts as well, which is a big positive. Another perk for Bovada which helps make it a top rated MLB sports betting site, is it’s 10% first deposit match. They also offer you great player props and game props for MLB betting.

There are a few cons that come with Bovada as well. It has been said that the lines on MLB games for Bovada have taken a bit longer to be posted, and also that quite a few games are circled for MLB betting, and not allowed to be included in parlays. There have also been some rumblings about Bovada taking a bit longer to cash out for US players due to US banking restrictions.

BetOnline gives some of the quickest updated lines for games the next day, which is very important to a lot of players. The offer multiple deposit options as well and allow US players also. BetOnline gives you excellent withdrawal methods also, including wire transfer, bank wire, and a cashier’s check. Also what makes Bet Online a top notch baseball sportsbook is how quickly their lines are updated. Bet Online also gives you options to bet on which team you think will win a series as well, which is a nice added bonus to sports bettors.

The main downside for Bet Online is the layout of their betting screens. Everything seems to be very close together and hard to read at times. While this isn’t a huge factor in MLB betting, it is noticeable to a new player on their site. Aside from that though, Bet Online has a great layout to their site which is very easy to use.

5Dimes has one of the easiest to use interfaces of all of the MLB betting sites. One thing specifically that makes it one of the best MLB online sportsbooks is their ease of use. On their sports betting page after you select MLB, you can place bets on multiple things at one time by entering the amount that you wish to bet. 5Dimes also has tons of prop bets, as well as pages and pages worth of different random betting options. 5Dimes is a top rated MLB betting site if you are looking for a specific type of bet as well.

The only real “con” that you see from 5Dimes is how basic their website seems. This isn’t always necessarily a bad thing to every sports bettor though. Although it doesn’t have the flash of some sites, it still definitely gets the job done.

Consensus Best MLB Betting Site

While these three websites are three of the best MLB online betting sites and it can be tough to pick just one, it seems that 5Dimes seems to have it all. They offer an incredible amount of betting options, their site is very easy to use, and their deposit and withdrawal options definitely make life easy on a sports bettor. Click here to visit 5Dimes!

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