Real Money Call of Duty Betting Guide

Have you tried betting on Call of Duty matches? Yep, Call of Duty betting is a real thing. And it’s quite popular, too! Betting on Call of Duty is much bigger than most people think. As a matter of fact, the esports betting industry is a multimillion-dollar market that shows no signs of growth decline. It’s a behemoth, and it’s not going away anytime soon!

But let’s back up for a moment!

What Is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty, Activision Blizzard’s gaming masterpiece, is one of the most popular first-person shooter games in the world. It’s the legendary series that many of us grew up on, way back in the years of the first two PlayStation consoles… Little did we know that it would develop into one of the world’s biggest gaming sensations!

Decades of experience in the FPS sphere have shaped Call of Duty series into a true heavyweight, not just in the gaming sphere, but the world of esports, too. With roughly 10 years’ worth of esports events and more than a few massively popular titles, Call of Duty is rightfully among the crème de la crème of both ecosystems.

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Its own esports betting market was the next obvious thing in CoD’s development. However, the Call of Duty betting community took quite a while to develop. Even though there have been numerous iterations, the biggest boom came just recently and the whole Call of Duty betting scene is still surfing on the exposure.

Best Sites for Betting on Call of Duty Online

When talking about the best Call of Duty betting sites, the list goes on and on. It’s not just because of the game’s popularity but because of the sheer size of the esports betting industry. The latter is the reason why esports betting sites are growing in such large quantities.

Unfortunately, the growth brought forth issues of its own. Nowadays, not all CoD esports betting sites are made equal.

You’ll need to do more research to find a good one than you had to do, let’s say, a year or two ago. The surge of new bookmakers has taken its toll on the overall quality of life, but don’t let that stop you from taking part in online Call of Duty betting yourself.

In fact, if you don’t have the time to do extensive research, here’s a list of our favorite Call of Duty betting sites:

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What Makes Call of Duty Popular?

Call of Duty’s popularity relies on two factors:

  • The quality of the current installment in terms of gameplay
  • The popularity of the current top-level esports competition

What makes the current CoD installment so popular is the fact that both these factors aligned in the best possible way. In terms of gameplay, Modern Warfare plays well despite all of its initial flaws. On the esports side of the table, the all-new CDL is doing wonders thanks to its fully franchised system. On top of all that, the newly-released Warzone battle royale game mode only pushed both spheres up a notch!

History of Call of Duty Esports

Call of Duty was once the most popular first-person shooter in the world. Back in the good old days of old PlayStation consoles, those were the glory days of the CoD franchise. However, the last few iterations aren’t half bad either, at least in terms of their overall esports presence.

If we take a step back to assess the numbers, we’ll realize that Call of Duty has been on the esports stage for 10 years straight.

According to the CoD Esports Gamepedia, the first recorded tournaments date all the way back to March 2008. Throughout those ten years, we’ve seen a massive number of CoD titles taking a hold of the esports scene. Everything started with the good old Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – many fans still swear by this iteration, claiming it’s the best CoD title ever.

Even though Call of Duty has been on the esports scene much longer than most of its esports competitors, its popularity skyrocketed just recently. The newest iteration, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, took the esports community by surprise and established itself among the most popular FPS specimens like CS:GO and Rainbow Six: Siege.

As stated earlier, such a massive growth of popularity is, in part, because of the excessively hyped CDL. There’s no point in repeating the same story twice. What we can (and will) do is show you the table of Call of Duty Championship winners.

Year Game Winner Runner-Up
2013 Black Ops II Fariko Impact Team EnVyUs
2014 Ghosts Complexity Team EnVyUs
2015 Advanced Warfare Denial eSports Team Revenge
2016 Black Ops III Team EnVyUs Splyce
2017 Infinite Warfare OpTic Gaming Team EnVyUs
2018 WW2 Evil Geniuses Team Kaliber
2019 Black Ops IV eUnited 100 Thieves

The newest trend in the Call of Duty betting world is not the super-hyped CDL, but the game’s free-to-play mode—Warzone. We’re talking about the world’s first truly AAA battle royale (read PUBG and Fortnite ripoff)… And yep, there are tournaments based around it.

In fact, since we’re already talking about these sorts of things, we might as well take a closer look at the two biggest CoD events you can bet on!

Biggest Call of Duty Events People Bet On

Call of Duty, at least for the moment, has two major events or series you can bet on.

CDL Betting

The first is the most obvious one, the Call of Duty League. It’s the biggest, most lucrative Call of Duty betting campaign out there. It lasts for the majority of the year, featuring a lengthy regular season followed by thrilling playoffs.

There are no promotions and relegations here. It’s a franchised system in all of its money-pumping glory, which allows the partner organizations to grab all the hottest talents on the scene, making CDL the ultimate competition of its kind in Call of Duty’s ecosystem.

Betting on Warzone Events

What’s that “of its kind” phrase for? Well, you see, CDL is based on the competitive mode of the game. Warzone events, on the other hand, are based around the new battle royale game mode… And believe it or not, there are major competitions popping up left and right. Best of all, people love betting on it and bookies are doing their best to keep up with the demand.

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship is worth mentioning too, although you won’t be able to find that many (or any) betting options for it.

How to Bet on Call of Duty | Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Find a good online betting website that supports esports wagers. The easiest way to find one is to check out our favorite esports betting sites of 2022.
  2. After you register for an account at your preferred bookmaker, the next step is to confirm your email and your identity. To do so, you’ll have to upload a government-issued ID, e.g. your driver’s license.
  3. Following the confirmation of your identity, you’re ready to upload some funds to your online betting bankroll. The process is straightforward, just like when you’re buying stuff online.
  4. Now that you’ve topped up your betting bankroll, it’s time to put that money to good use. Yep, this is the part where you’re going to place your first Call of Duty bet!
  5. Doing so is simple. Simply navigate to the esports category on your preferred bookie, find Call of Duty’s subcategory and the match you wish to bet on. Select your option, enter your stake and click on the “place bet” button!

That’s about it. These five simple steps will help you get the most out of your first-ever Call of Duty betting adventure!

Types of Real Money Call of Duty Bets

Match-winner wagers aren’t the only types of Call of Duty bets you can place these days. The demand for CoD betting options is high, which is why bookies are doing their best to keep up. Supporting esports (and Call of Duty) bets is one thing, but featuring plentiful real money betting options is a completely different pair of shoes.

These days, the latter is what attracts customers. The latter is what makes bookies stand out among the crowd. The so-called esports specials are an essential part of the growing esports betting industry. If you’re interested in betting on Call of Duty for real money, then you should definitely check some of them out.

Total Kills

When talking about total kills bets, we’re typically talking about two types—player and team-based total kills. If you’re betting on the latter, the only thing you’ll be interested in is the total number of kills. Not the result, not first blood or player-based stats, just kills! Just select the team you think will have more kills at the end of the match and that’s it! As for player kills, you’re doing the same thing but instead of picking a team, you’re picking a single player. If that player gets the most kills, congratulations! You’ll be expecting a hefty return.

Live Bets

Live bets are roughly the same as regular bets, but with one important twist to their tally. As the name suggests, they’re only available for live matches. Live bets can range from typical match-winners all the way to more complex specials, like the two previously explained ones. They bring forth an extra level of entertainment and can yield great profits in certain late-game scenarios.


Let’s not forget about outrights! Let’s say you don’t want to bet on individual matches and entire events are more up your alley. In that case, outright wagers are the Call of Duty betting options you’re looking for. When betting on outright winners, you’re basically selecting the team you think will win the specified event. It doesn’t get much simpler than that…

Answering Your Questions About Betting on Call of Duty

There’s just one more thing we need to discuss before calling it a day—the FAQ section. Even though the Call of Duty esports scene dates back a long time, its betting community is still in its early stages. That said, Google is swamped with questions related to betting on Call of Duty for money. In this section, we hope to answer the most common ones.

Betting odds are important, but they’re not the most important thing when choosing your go-to esports bookmaker. If you want the full package, the best place to look is the top of this page. You can’t be bothered to scroll on your own? That’s okay, click here head to the top and we’ll do the scrolling for you!

First things first – don’t blindly trust the so-called esports betting experts! Always take their info with a grain of salt – predictions can be useful, but only when you second-guess their stats and do extra research on your own. Basing your research solely on other people’s opinions won’t get you far. If you still want a closer look, our esports betting predictions hub ought to be of service.

Yes! Call of Duty Warzone has seamless crossplay support. It works on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Everyone can play with each other without any major restrictions on either end, which allows players to enjoy a much wider opportunities when forming their perfect CoD Warzone squad.

Well, such a question cannot be answered objectively. There are just way too many characteristics we’d have to compare… And even then, naming a concrete superior would be ungrateful, to say the least. So, yeah, while CoD Warzone is a good battle royale, the first AAA specimen come to think of it, the likes of PUBG and Fortnite became way too big to be easily overthrown. There, how’s that for an answer?

Call of Duty League is very popular! In fact, it’s the most popular Call of Duty event out there, at least for the moment. However, the peak viewership numbers don’t suggest that. Older events such as the CoD World Championship 2018, have much higher viewership numbers, which is pretty weird considering the hype and exposure surrounding the CDL. On average, though, a CDL weekend has around 100k peak viewers and above 50k average viewers. Not bad, but we reckon the folks over at CDL expected more…

That all depends on the bookie you’re using. Typically, though, Call of Duty betting sites offer betting-on-the-fly. So, you shouldn’t have major issues with betting via your smartphone unless you’re using a really dated bookie that doesn’t really care about user experience.

Wrapping Everything Up

That would be it as far as our Call of Duty betting guide goes! We explained pretty much everything that might be an issue for people that are just starting to bet on Call of Duty, so we reckon it’s about time we call it a day.

Thank you for sticking till the very end and may the odds be in your favor!

The rise of Call of Duty esports betting is in direct correlation to its fully-franchised and properly hyped competition, the Call of Duty League. CDL in short, the biggest CoD competition brings forth all the greatest talents in the scene as well as massive esports organizations that paid big money for a spot in the league.

When talking about Call of Duty betting online, the only event that’s worth betting on is the CDL. There’s no other way around it. If you’re looking for an optimal esports betting experience, then CDL is the event for you! Bookies have recognized the demand and are doing their best to always feature plentiful real mony betting options for demanding Call of Duty betting enthusiasts.

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