Best Horse Betting Bonuses 2022

Do you hate free money? Nay! Who would say “no” to extra cash? If you’re a horse bettor who wants a great way to pad their bankroll, then horse betting bonuses are a must. And while finding the biggest horse racing bonuses might feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Below, our team has reigned in a list of the best real money bonuses offering a stable supply of rewards for online horse betting.

Best Welcome Offers at Online Racebooks

Betting Site
Bonus Bet Now
1BetOnline Logo BetOnline
50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
2 BetUS
125% up to $2,500 Go to Site
3 Bovada
50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
100% up to $1,000 Go to Site
5 Everygame
100% up to $500 Go to Site
6 MyBookie
100% up to $1,000 Go to Site

All you have to do to cash in on these great racebook welcome bonuses is click the links provided and you’ll be on your way to making money betting on horse races online.

But maybe you’re not quite ready to run off and start betting. Stick Around! You can learn a lot more about online bonuses for horse racing, how they work, and what makes them worthwhile.

What Makes a Great Horse Betting Bonus

Before you saddle up and choose the best horse betting bonus for you, it’s important to know what makes a great promo offer. Here are a few of the factors we value the most when choosing our top list.

  • Relevance to Horse Betting – There are thousands of online betting bonuses out there. And while many of them sound awesome, not all of them can be used in the racebook. Before we list a horse racing betting bonus, we make sure it actually can be used in the racebook.
  • Terms and Conditions – Probably the most boring thing to read on the planet is a bonus’ terms and conditions. However, this is where you find out the details of what’s being offered and any restrictions. Before our team signs a seal of approval, we make sure there aren’t any unsavory or predatory conditions hidden in the fine print.
  • Reputation of the Betting Site – The “greatest” bonus in the world is not worth the paper it’s written on if it comes from a racebook or sportsbook with a bad reputation. If you can’t confidently know you’re going to get all the benefits and cash you’re promised, you’re wasting your time.
  • Size – We can’t neglect how important the size of the bonus is. While this pales in comparison to something like the reputation of the betting site, it’s extremely important when all other factors are the same. Bigger is better.
  • Horse Racing Coverage – Much like with reputation, an online horse betting bonus is worthless if you don’t have many races to bet on. We only recommend promo offers and bonus codes from sites with extensive action on horse racing.

Types of Horse Racing Betting Bonuses

Horse Racing Welcome Bonus Banner

Welcome Deposit Bonuses

One of the more common types of horse betting bonuses you’ll find online is a welcome bonus. Now, generally, this isn’t going to be labeled as a horse betting bonus. It’s almost always labeled as a sports betting bonus at a site that also has a racebook. You will need to check in the fine print if horse racing is covered by the bonus. Generally, it is. But make sure to check on that yourself.

Here are a few key points to know when using these bonuses for betting on horses online.

  • These bonuses almost always are the largest.
  • It’s imperative to ensure that the bonus covers horse race bets because it’s usually labeled as a sports betting bonus.
  • These bonus offers come with a playthrough requirement. This means you’ll need to wager the bonus dollars a certain number of times before they’re eligible for withdrawal.
  • The playthrough requirement range on these bonuses can be anywhere from 5x to 25x at most top racebook sites online.
  • In most cases, you can use welcome deposit bonuses in conjunction with other bonus offers. Confirmation of this can be found in the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Free Race Bet Bonuses

A less common but equally (or more) awesome horse betting bonus you’ll see from time to time is a free race bet bonus. This is when an online sportsbook or racebook gives you a free wager on a horse race. We see these most often around a major horse racing event as a marketing tool to bring in new bettors. We’ve also seen them given out as loyalty bonuses to existing bettors as well.

Please Note:
The bonus bets are given in one of two ways. The first way is a coupon to make a free bet. You aren’t required to use any of your money to make the wager. Simply use the coupon, and if you win, you win! The second, and more common way, you’ll see free race bet bonuses allocated is through a rebate if you lose.

Place your bet on the race with your money, and if you win, you win. However, if you lose, you’re able to contact the sportsbook customer service team and get the money refunded to you as cash or bonus dollars.

  • Usually, these free bet bonuses are in the range of $5 to $25.
  • Coupon winnings or refunds on a lost ticket may be awarded as cash or as bonus dollars.
  • If winnings are awarded as bonus dollars, they’ll be subject to a playthrough requirement.
  • The best time to look for these offers is around highly-publicized horse racing events (events that attract casual fans).

Rebate Bonuses

Probably the best horse racing bonus out there is a rebate bonus. And while this is a bonus you hope you never get the chance to take advantage of, it’s a great fallback when you have a rough week. Here’s how it works.

If you have a losing week at the tracks, the sportsbook or racebook gives you back a percentage of your losses.

The actual percentage can be all over the place, but we’ve seen percentages as high as 8% to 10%. Again, you’re only going to get this if you have a losing week, but it’s a great way to ease the pain of a rough week.

Horse Betting Bonuses at Top Online Sportsbooks

In addition to all the standard online sportsbook bonuses, many top betting sites also offer special racebook promotions to draw in more customers. If you’re someone looking to bet on horse races online you’re in luck. You qualify for all of these real money bonuses giving you the best of both worlds!

Here’s a look at a few of the best online racebook bonuses being offered in 2022:

  • BetUS – $100 Free Play Win or Lose for Betting on Weekly Horse Matchups
  • BetOnline – 7% Daily Track Rebate on Online Wagers
  • BetOnline – $25 Risk Free Racebook Bet
  • MyBookie – 8% Horse Betting Rebate

Tips for Maximizing Horse Racing Bonuses

  • Pay Attention Around Major Events – While many of the best horse bonuses online are available year-round, special offers tend to pop up around major horse racing events. Some of the biggest one-off promotions can be found around the times of any of the Triple Crown races.
  • Stack Bonuses Whenever Possible – Not always, but sometimes, you have the ability to use multiple horse betting bonuses at once. One of the most popular combinations is welcome bonuses and free bet bonuses. You may also be able to use a rebate program at the same time, depending on the online racebook.
  • Understand the Terms and Conditions – How do you figure out when you can stack bonuses? You find that information in the terms and conditions of each bonus. Additionally, the terms and conditions protect you by giving you the information you need to cash in on the bonus. If there are any restrictions or special actions you need to complete for eligibility, they’ll be outlined in that document.
  • It’s Okay to Change Sites If a Bonus Is Good Enough – If another top-quality sportsbook is running a promotion for a race that’s too good to pass up, it’s okay to split your action or move your action. Make sure you fully understand the promotion’s terms and that the site is a high-quality racebook before you make the move.

Getting Out of the Starting Gates Now

If you’re ready and raring to get into the action, your chariot filled with bonuses awaits! Head back up to the top of this guide and look through the different horse racing betting bonuses we’ve listed. As mentioned, these are the best options available, so you don’t have to worry about the fear of missing out. The horses are in the starting blocks; it’s time to get you into the action!

Horse Betting Bonuses FAQ

Sometimes yes! Generally it's not a ton of money, but you might see a risk free $25 bonus like the ones offered at BetOnline or right now.

In short because you won't need them. All of the bonuses listed on this page will work without a bonus code. Simply follow the links provided and claim your horse betting bonus offer.

Offering enticing bonuses and promotions is one of the main ways online racebooks and horse betting sites compete for customers. If a site thinks they can drum up more business by offereing a better rebate or bigger welcome bonus than another site they generally will if they can afford to.

While Bovada is a great betting site and we like their racebook they currently do not have any bonuses specifically geared at betting on horse races. This doesn't mean you can't use the other bonuses available if you sign up though. You can learn more about Bovada Bonuses here.

Well right here at TheSportsGeek of course! Check out our horse betting strategy section to learn more about different bet types, the best online racebooks, and much more.