When The Bachelor first aired in 2002, it had such popular success that the creators felt the need to create a spinoff. The Bachelorette then aired the following year. Every year, one lucky guy will be crowned the winner and find his happily ever after with the season’s featured bachelorette. This show has remained somewhat unpredictable with plenty of twists and turns along the way to finale night.

We have found that if you are looking for the best Bachelorette betting sites, we have a few great solutions for you! Our team has worked tirelessly to find the best sites accepting bets on The Bachelorette, making sure each one fulfills our high standards. In fact, we have assembled what we believe to be one of the most dynamic lists of online gambling sites available.

So, get ready! We are about to show you how the show operates and how to bet on The Bachelorette online.

Top Bachelorette Betting Sites

Betting on The Bachelorette online is best optimized by good customer service and support, odds that are updated daily, and mobile compatibility. That way, you can enjoy betting on the show from anywhere and at any time.

These online sportsbooks not only allow you to place bets on your favorite sporting events, but they also allow you to bet money on reality TV shows like The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, American Idol, Survivor, and more!

What Is The Bachelorette?

Debuting in 2003, The Bachelorette is a reality TV dating game show, a spin-off of The Bachelor which aired a year earlier.

Though the numbers have been different from season to season, The Bachelorette typically kicks off with 25 romantic interests who are slowly eliminated week by week at something called the “rose ceremony.” At least one contestant will not get a rose and is thus eliminated, shrinking the group until there are only two men left to attend the final ceremony.

The season usually concludes with the two remaining contestants proposing to the bachelorette, and the winner is determined by which proposal she accepts.

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Our Top Bachelorette Betting Sites Are a Cut Above

Our team set high standards to develop the criteria for choosing top-notch Bachelorette entertainment betting sites! You can review the qualities we look for in the following sections. We just wanted to be sure that our customers have the best of everything when they go to bet on The Bachelorette for real money.

They Are Secure

All of our recommended Bachelorette betting sites have passed our team’s test for safety and security. US players will be delighted to know that our suggested online casinos are all licensed in their jurisdictions.

We also made it a point to choose Bachelorette entertainment betting sites that use updated software systems to safeguard their customers against any cybersecurity threats. Some online sportsbooks and casinos are known to have sold customer information to third parties, robbing customers of their money or account information.

This is not the case with our top picks. The table of Bachelorette betting sites above offer the most secure measures.

They Offer Updated, Accurate Odds

The end game of any bettor is to bring home as much money as possible. One of the key methods for players to maximize and grow their winnings is to have the best information possible. Updated betting odds ensure accuracy, which means players can wager more aggressively and more competitively.

Our top picks for online sportsbooks with The Bachelorette betting odds offer some of the best lines in the market. Each one works diligently to continually update wagers to open up greater opportunities for players! As you look for the right online sportsbook, we encourage you to look at multiple Bachelorette betting sites to determine which ones provide the best for you!

They Offer Generous Bonuses and Promotions

Bonus LogoIf you’re new to entertainment betting online, there’s some fantastic news. New players are offered some of the most generous welcome bonuses available at online sportsbooks. We mentioned maximizing your winnings via accurate odds. With bonuses, players can optimize and maximize their bankrolls!

Bonuses are extra money that Bachelorette betting sites will give to customers once they fulfill an obligation. In the case of new players, sportsbooks will do a match bonus where players must deposit a set amount of money and received a percentage of that money in the form of a bonus!

They Give Customers Great Ways to Bank

It was important to our team to find real money Bachelorette betting sites that give their customers good, varied choices for funding their accounts and collecting their payouts. Our recommended sites accepting bets on The Bachelorette allow customers to fund their account using credit cards and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin! Payout speeds range from reasonable to above average so players can enjoy getting their money as soon as possible.

After all, that’s the best part of real money online gambling—getting paid!

They Make Problems Go Away

Players betting on The Bachelorette online will not only be able to reach customer service by phone or email but there’s also a live chat feature. Our team took the time to test out the customer support options at all of our favorite online betting sites and found them all to be extremely helpful and professional.

When considering the benefits of sites accepting bets on The Bachelorette, customer service may not always be one of the initial benefits that spring into a player’s mind. When problems arise and need to be addressed, however, good customer service is expected to save the day. Thankfully, all of the Bachelorette betting sites we promote get an A+ for customer service!

You Can Be Used Anywhere

You can rest assured that our team covered mobile compatibility. Using your smartphone or tablet makes the whole Bachelorette entertainment betting experience convenient and user-friendly.

Enjoy watching The Bachelorette and placing bets at your favorite sportsbook or gambling website all from the same device. It can all be right there at your fingertips with the aid of an internet connection and a browser! It’s easy and effortless! Some sites even allow you to download an online sportsbook app for a full-on mobile interface experience.

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Types of Bets on The Bachelorette

There are a few different ways to bet money on The Bachelorette. In the following section, we’ll cover the different types of bets you can place. All available Bachelorette odds and betting lines can be found at our recommended sites.

Straight Bet

The concept here is super simple. With this kind of bet, you pick who you think will win the entire season. Be sure to check different sites for the best odds. These kinds of bets are some of the easiest to understand and may prove perfect for someone who doesn’t follow the show closely. Avid fans may want to take advantage of another type of bet on The Bachelorette.

Prop Bet

These types of bets get into the nitty-gritty of the season. These are small bets that can be placed on small details like who will be the first to kiss the bachelorette, who will be invited for a night in the Fantasy Suite, or what kind of dress the bachelorette will wear for her date. These bets keep things interesting and there are seemingly unlimited possibilities!

Weekly Elimination Bet

While prop bets deal with small details and a straight bet concerns the overall winner, the weekly elimination bet goes straight down the middle. This deals with betting on who will be going home that week.

The Bachelorette Week Elimination

The benefit here is that you don’t have to take a complete shot in the dark betting on a winner or wait around an entire season to see the results of your wager. You are also not betting on details so small that your bet is carrying a lot of risks.

When Should I Place Bets on The Bachelorette?

If you’re partaking in prop betting, these deal with the small details of the show. The subjects of these bets are created from people that have closely studied behavioral trends, clothing, and traditions from the past that are present throughout each season.

Just as you should be watching the show when prop betting, we advise you to do the same when placing weekly elimination bets. You may not have to watch as closely with this category, but it doesn’t hurt. This deals with who will not be receiving a rose that week, so it’s a broad bet.

Those who avidly bet on The Bachelorette for real money advise others to bet as early as possible. For props and weekly elimination bets, this might mean betting the day before or hours before the anticipated episode. Check your favorite Bachelorette betting site for availability. Straight bets for the winner could take place before the season even starts or several weeks out from finale night.

2021 Bachelorette Start Dates

Season 17 of The Bachelorette is set to air June 1st, 2021. Katie Thurston will be season 17 bachelorette, but as of this time no Bachelorette betting odds have been released.

In the fall of 2021 fans can also look forward to Michelle Young starring in Season 18 of the Bachelorette.

Unfortunately, there are no online betting odds available for either season at this time.

How to Bet at Bachelorette Betting Sites

1. Choose a Trusted Sportsbook

Your safety and security as a customer will always come first. Head back to the top of the post to start betting money on The Bachelorette this season! We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Signing up at a legitimate online sportsbook with odds on The Bachelorette is as easy as hitting the “join” or “sign up” button. Either way, you will find that this is the easiest part of the process. Next, input some personal information like a password and create a username and you will be well on your way.

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2. Fund Your Account and Earn Money With Bonuses

Before you can place any wagers, you’ve got to fund your account. Our promoted Bachelorette betting sites carry options for customers to use credit cards and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Each sportsbook has different deposit minimums, so be sure to read all information carefully.
Claim as much free money as you can! Betting sites with odds on The Bachelorette offer new and existing customers plenty of bonuses, many of which can be gained through matches. Deposit up to a certain percentage and the sportsbook will give you a bonus!

That’s free money coming your way to make some big bets!

3. Submit Your Wagers

Each Bachelorette betting site comes with plenty of lines, including a variety of props as well as the straight bet for the finale winner and weekly elimination bets. Place your wagers at your favorite sportsbook and check to make sure all information on the bet slip is accurate. All that is left is to submit your bet!

4. Get Your Cash!

This is the best part of the whole process. This is the part where your payout rolls into your account! This usually takes place within a few hours of the show ending. If there are any hiccups, contact customer service and they will assist you with resolving any issues!

The Best Bachelorette Betting Strategies

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We live in the information age and with that comes the blessing of being able to have more access to people’s lives than ever before. There’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. If someone is famous, you can simply Google their name and read hours’ worth of content and come away knowing a good amount of who they are and what they’re about.

It’s with tools like these that you can wager and bet money more confidently on The Bachelorette than ever before!

  • View Past SeasonsViewing past seasons of the show could prove helpful to understand how the show works and operates. Players will be able to wager with more confidence when they have basic knowledge of The Bachelorette and what has transpired over past seasons. Watching old episodes can help players identify trends and patterns of behavior that are present throughout the course of a season. This can help you bet on The Bachelorette online with more insight.
  • Scour the Internet BasicsBefore placing your bets on The Bachelorette, take some time to research the contestants on ABC’s website or through a simple Google search. There’s always an abundance of content put out online before the start of the season, including lists of the Bachelorette contestants with basic information on their background, interests, and personality. This will give you a good idea of what to spot.
  • Look at Contestants’ Social MediaCheck contestants’ social media to get a general idea of what kind of person they are and if they could potentially be visiting the bachelorette’s hometown frequently. Since the show is pre-filmed, you can gain insight through different avenues. In the past, some people have predicted winners by stalking contestants’ Spotify profiles and Venmo accounts.

While looking at past seasons should always be taken with a grain of salt when betting on the bachelorette online there is definitely value in understanding past seasons. Here’s some info from the last 6 seasons of the Bachelorette to help you as you make your betting decisions.

SeasonWinnerRunner UpProposedTogether Now
11Shawn BoothNick ViallYesNo
12Jordan RodgersRobby HayesYesYes
13Bryan AbasoloPeter KrausYesYes
14Garrett YrigoyenBlake HorstmannYesNo
15Jed WyattTyler CameronYesNo
16Zac ClarkBen SmithYesYes

Bachelorette Betting Odds and Payouts

Here are some examples from past seasons to give you an idea how betting odds work for the Bachelorette and how much money you can potentially make betting.

Will Tayshia Adams Marry The Final Rose Winner

  • Outcome Odds
  • Yes +350
  • No -550

Season 16 Odds to Win the Bachelorette

  • Contestant Odds
  • Zac C +3300
  • Ben +5000
  • Zach J +2500
  • Garin +2800
  • Karl +3300
  • Jason +4000
  • Brandon +4500
  • AJ +6000
  • Ellis +6600

If you predicted that Tayshia Adams would marry season 16 winner you would have walked away with $450 on a $100 bet. But that’s nothing compared to if you had predicted that winner to be Zac Clark at +3300 opening odds. $100 on Zac Clark to win Season 16 of The Bachelorette would have paid out $3,400!

Key Takeaways:
  • The majority of past bachelorette winners were in their early 30s.
  • Even Bachelorette betting favorites are likely to have long odds. This is because of the difficult nature of picking a winner in advance.
  • Almost any bachelor’s opening odds will generally be set at +2000 or more meaning there’s a massive amount of earning potential from this form of entertainment betting!
  • Don’t rely on looks. Eye color, hair color, hair length, and facial hair seem to have little to no impact on how long a contestant lasts
  • Will there be a proposal? History says always bet yes. Though both finalists were rejected in season 2 every season of the Bachelorette has ended witha proposal.
  • But do those relationships last? As of April 2021, 5 of 16 final couples are still together.

FAQ About Betting on The Bachelorette

Most seasons begin in May and run through the end of July or the middle of August. So, the typical length of the season is about three months.

The Bachelorette betting sites we recommend are legal and completely legitimate. They all accept US players and are fully licensed by a reputable gambling authority wherever they’re located.

There is the straight bet for the winner on finale night, but there are weekly elimination bets, too. Props bets are probably the most varied and interesting to play. These bets can be from anything like clothing color to whether someone will cry during the episode.

Of course you can! One of the advantages of joining multiple Bachelorette sportsbooks is access to a variety of odds. Not all gambling sites will have the same Bachelorette odds. Players can use their discrepancies to their advantage to place the most competitive wagers possible.

You will probably have a greater chance of winning more if you do! Having a knowledge of the show’s format and its inner workings will give you a leg up. Watching past seasons can give you a great idea of behaviors and trends that are prevalent.

Well, there you have it! Now you know where you can bet money on The Bachelorette and have learned some tips on how to best maximize your winnings!

Ready to get started? Your journey begins with one of our preferred Bachelorette betting sites! Start making some extra cash now.

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