Betting on the Razzies

Razzies AwardThe beginning of the calendar year is synonymous with awards season in the United States. The Academy Awards, Grammys, and Golden Globes all typically take place within the first couple of months of the year. Frankly, it’s easy to grow a bit weary of awards season. We can only hear so much about the greatness of Meryl Streep or Martin Scorsese before it gets a little tiresome.

Fortunately, that’s exactly why the Golden Raspberry Awards exist. The “Razzies” as its better known, is an awards ceremony that celebrates the very worst the film industry has to offer on an annual basis. If this sounds like something you are interested in wagering on, check out our recommendations for the best Razzies betting sites available below, otherwise keep reading and find out everything there is to know about betting the Razzies.

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Every year, Americans are captivated by the best and brightest from the world of entertainment, gathering to celebrate one another’s accomplishments from the previous year. For the Razzies however, knocking someone down a peg in the interest of good-natured fun is something we can all appreciate every now and then.

Entertainment betting sites even offer users the ability to bet on the Razzies. Earning a Razzie isn’t necessarily something to be proud of, of course, but the awards do take a lighthearted jab at how seriously those in Hollywood seem to take themselves.

How to Find the Right Razzies Betting Sites

Finding a safe and reputable betting site at which to bet on the Golden Raspberry Awards is the first and most important step you can take as a bettor. Knowing what to look for in an entertainment betting site is easy! Here’s what you should look out for.

Razzie Logo

Razzies Betting Coverage

You obviously want to find a site that offers you the ability to bet on the Razzies online. It’s not quite as prestigious as some other awards shows, and not all sites offer Razzies odds as a result. Most of the best names in the online betting industry do cover the Razzies, though, so odds shouldn’t really be all that difficult to find.

Finding a site with a wealth of options is preferred. And variety is certainly a good thing when it comes to entertainment betting.

Good Customer Service

One of the last things you want to be doing as a prospective bettor is to be taking your business to a site with a sketchy reputation or poor customer service. The customer is always right, and the best Razzies betting sites have this in mind.

If you have any questions or concerns, you need to be able to trust that you will get those questions or concerns addressed quickly and properly. A good Razzies betting site is accommodating and responsive.

Fast Payouts

Let’s say you’ve placed a successful bet on the Razzies awards. You want those winnings as quickly as you can get your hands on them, right? In the early days of online betting, some sites could take well over 24 hours to get that money to you. You should never have to wait that long to see your rightful winnings reflected in your account.

The Razzies betting sites that we recommend all offer fast payouts, which is a cornerstone of the online betting experience. You’re betting on the Razzies with the goal of inflating your bankroll, so you shouldn’t be forced to wait around for your hard-earned cash.

How Do You Bet on the Razzies Online?

1 – Sign up at a Reliable Entertainment Betting Website

Once you’ve found the entertainment betting site that suits your Razzies betting needs, it’s time to sign up and get started. Becoming a member of a betting site is probably the easiest step of all. All you have to do is find the sign up link, which should be located near the top of the site’s pages.

Enter some personal information (email address, password, etc.) and you’re good to go!

2 – Deposit Your Money

Deposit Logo and Razzie Trophy

You can’t place real Razzies bets online without first funding your account. Most sites offer no shortage of deposit methods. You can use all major debit or credit cards, e-wallets, or cryptocurrency to put money into your betting account. Some sites even let you wire money directly from your own personal bank account.

You will also see that major online entertainment betting sites offer bonuses and other rewards to members. The most popular is a first-time deposit bonus. The sites will offer to fund your account up to a certain percentage on top of your initial deposit.

So, you’re basically getting free money with which to bet just for funding your account. Taking advantage of any and all bonuses offered by the sites is a good way to get started.

3 – Place Your Razzies Bets

Once you’re set up with money in your account, it’s finally time to get to the good part! Make your way to the “entertainment” tab on your preferred betting site and scroll down to where you’ll find the Razzies betting options. Peruse the list of available wagers before finding the bet you want to place.

Then, enter the amount you’d wish to risk. Double-check to make sure you entered the correct amount before finalizing your bet. When you win, the cash should show up in your account within a few hours of the end of the Golden Raspberry Awards broadcast.

Types of Razzies Bets

Betting on the Razzies online isn’t any different than betting on more reputable awards shows like the Oscars or Golden Globes. Instead of betting on which movie will be named the best of the year, though, you’re tasked with doing the exact opposite. Razzie awards are handed out to unfortunate nominees in the following categories:

  • Worst Picture
  • Worst Actress
  • Worst Actor
  • Worst Supporting Actress
  • Worst Supporting Actor
  • Worst Director

Those are just a handful of the betting options you’ll find at Razzies betting sites. Let’s use the 2020 Razzies as an example. The following five films were nominated for the dubious honor of Worst Picture, complete with betting odds courtesy of

Taylor Swift in Cats

  • Cats (-500)
  • The Fanatic (+850)
  • The Haunting of Sharon Tate (+1000)
  • A Madea Family Funeral (+1000)
  • Rambo: Last Blood (+1400)

There are multiple different Razzies betting sites out there, which means you’ll have the opportunity to shop for the best odds, just as you would with any other form of entertainment betting.

When Can You Bet on the Razzie Awards?

The Razzies typically take place once the mainstream awards season begins to die down. The 2020 Razzies, which will be the 40th installment of the show, will take place in March. That means we have already seen Parasite, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, 1917, and the rest of the year’s most acclaimed films clean up at other awards shows.

The list of Razzies nominees is typically released about a month before the show takes place, which gives you plenty of time to do your research. If you’re a movie buff, you have probably spent most of your downtime enjoying the best films the previous year had to offer.

With the Oscars in the rearview mirror, though, you can now take the chance to endure the films on the other end of the spectrum in order to give you a leg up on the competition when it comes time to bet on the Razzies.

Tips for Betting the Razzies

There is no exact science for making your Razzies betting experience a profitable endeavor, but you can look at previous winners in order to educate yourself on how the process typically works.

Use Other Awards Shows as a Guide

Oscar Trophy

The Golden Raspberry Awards relish in the opportunity to make Hollywood’s finest seem more human. George Clooney may be an Oscar winner, but people won’t let him forget his miserable portrayal of Batman in the 1997 film, Batman and Robin. That’s just the nature of the business.

Most of the more well-known actors in the industry are busy. Just look at Adam Driver and Scarlet Johansson, who both appeared in multiple films that were nominated for Academy Awards this past year. The Razzies have a history of trying to remind those that enjoy a lot of critical acclaim that they all appear in their fair share of flops, too.

Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, and Gerard Butler are among the most well-known actors in Hollywood. They all also happen to be former Razzie winners and nominees. If any Oscar-nominated actresses also happen to get nominated for a Razzie for a different, less well-known movie, they generally have a solid chance at winning.

Cheesy Is Good

Some actors fall into certain stereotypes. Adam Sandler will most often be seen in comedies, while Jackie Chan and Jason Statham are known for their action movies. Keanu Reeves was seen as something of a laughingstock until he found mainstream success with the John Wick trilogy.

Some actors that fall under certain labels have fared well at the Razzies awards in the past. Sandler, for example, has 16 Razzie nominations and five wins under his belt. Nicolas Cage, meanwhile, has nine Razzie nominations without a win to this point.

Certain actors or actresses tend to do better than others when it comes to the Golden Raspberry Awards. Betting on those with multiple wins in the past is a smart strategy.

Musicians Are Usually Bad Actors

Plenty of celebrities try to bridge the gap between acting and music. Let’s not forget that Lady Gaga was nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards for her work in A Star is Born.

There are exceptions, but lots of musicians that try to hack it in the world of acting fail miserably. In all, 10 musicians have won a total of 17 Razzies in the show’s history. Neil Diamond is among those notable winners. He took home Worst Actor for his role in The Jazz Singer back in 1980.

If you see a musician nominated for a Razzie, they will probably make for a smart bet to win.

Answering Your Questions About Betting on the Razzies

Yes, betting on the Razzies online is legal anywhere sports betting is legal. There are no laws in place that restrict Americans from accessing and placing online bets at sites that operate offshore, either.

Of course! One underrated skill when it comes to betting online is the ability to shop around at a variety of sites in order to find the most favorable odds. While most Razzies betting sites may have similar odds, not all of them will be the same.

There is nothing stopping you from signing up to become a member at multiple different entertainment betting sites. As long as you have the bankroll to do so, you should absolutely be shopping around to try and find an edge.

  • Madonna (9)
  • Sylvester Stallone (8)
  • Adam Sandler (5)
  • Paris Hilton (5)
  • Eddie Murphy (4)
  • Demi Moore (4)
  • Bo Derek (4)
  • Pia Zadora (4)
  • Ben Affleck (4)
  • Pauly Shore (4)

The list of all-time Razzies winners features quite a few recognizable names. Interestingly enough, singer-turned-actress Madonna leads the way with nine Razzies on her impressive resume.

Other Entertainment Betting Options

If you’re a fan of betting on the Razzies, you may also have interest in betting on these other awards shows:

  • Academy Awards
  • Golden Globes
  • ESPYs
  • Grammys
  • Video Music Awards
  • Billboard Music Awards
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards